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June 12th 2012 at 3:45 pm

Window Comments

We installed Pella 850, Pella's claim to fame, top of the line windows in my parentsí home. What a mistake! We live in a different state and selected Pella because they "claim" to be reputable. Well letís tell you that this has been more than an awful process! Pella's Window and Door store assured us that they would do the measurements, installation and removal of old product. This was to be a painless. Well we strongly suggest that you stay clear of Pella! This has been more than a mess. The windows were not the correct size, even after 2 re-orders. The rain water has now damaged their home, as we wait for the 3rd set of windows. Please do not cause your family these problems. We could have saved our family if we had only spent some time on the internet reading about all problems from otherís experiences. Read this and learn from our distressed situation. Stand Clear of Pella!

Window Grade: 1.0
Install Comments

Installed by Pella's installers of MN

Pella sold us on their in-house installers. This was also untrue!

Install Grade: 1.0
Price Information

The price was at the top of all the bids that we obtained. We thought that we were paying for quality. Well we have found out differently! We were paying a daily fee for the amount of months that Pella would need to be in my parents home! No really, we have been taken to the cleaners. Pella has not been truthful about anything in the process.

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