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Vytex Fortis Reviews

based on 1 review

Overall quality: 4
Locks: 4
Balance System: 4
Warranty: 5

April 8th 2014 at 2:50 pm

Window Comments

Purchased these windows to replace the original windows from 1972 in the front of our home. Chose Vytext Fortis due to budgetary reasons since they were relatively inexpensive, and that they were installed in the back of our home, and easy to clean, operate, and look nice. I know there are better windows, but we couldnt afforce the $13k we were quoted for some other windows. We recieved the quote from Window Nation, and when they looked at the window and identified a minor issue on one of the 5 older windows (all installed from previous home owner) which could develop into something bigger. When Vytex came out to measure, they looked at the window, took the information down from the windows with the issues, and informed me they will see what they can do. Several weeks later when they came out the install the new windows, they also came out with the replacement for the falty windows. No questions asked, no drama, no issue. Install was perfect. I went to clean one of the new windows and I accidently broke the foot in one of the new windows (probably my fault) when I was trying to clean the outside folding the window in. Called, and they checked the schedule and will be out to fix that window...again no questions asked, no drama, will be out to fix within the week. So far VERY impressed with the Customer Service, and warranty. The windows are also very good. The major selling points for these windows beyond the higher than required Argon is the Composite Core frame for stability and strength, as well as "Virgin Vinyl" which all resists fading, cracking, bowing and warping. I do not believe I am very easy to please, but I am very pleased with this company. I have read some older reviews and even talked to the installer about some, and they could identify to particular installed by name (no longer with the company) and identified some fundamental changes to the manfacturing, business model and warranty in the last 15 year...All for the better!

Window Grade: 4.3
Install Comments

Installed by Vytex of MD

The installer Vytex sent out to install our windows were PHENOMINAL! VERY impressed. Took the time to get the job done right, level and plumb. Honestly do not remember the installers names, but I remember the gentlemen was from Poland, the other gentlemen I do not recall either, but they were polite, professional and great service. The even added additional insulation around the gaps between the window frame and studs in the home! Exterior was wrapped with high quality aluminum to present a professional and terrific look completely transforming the look of my 1972 home!

Install Grade: 5.0

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