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Author: windowshopper
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Subject: Gorell window pricing I just received

I would appreciate it if one of the pros could give me their thoughts on the pricing I got.

The salesman just left. for 11 windows(2 sliders) Gorell 5300 best triple pane glass
9 x 31x53
1 x 34x35 slider
1x 27x45 slider

2 screen doors and 2 entrance doors total $9291.27
Had a coupon which brought it down to $7433.00 This
seemed high to me.

I had originally wanted pricing for Gorell 5200 with double pane and all he offered was the climate control glass. Gave me a price of $5832.23 on 11 of those windows. I thought that seemed high. For 2 screen and 2 entrance doors he was charging $3300.00.

Unfortunately the coupon was only good for initial visit so I had to sign now and told him I did not like dealing with that sales tactic. He kept changing prices to get me to sign. At the end he offered me Gorell 5300 windows and on the doors buy one get one half price and was willing to do the whole job for 5500.00(11 windows 5300 and 2 screen and 2 entrance doors. Suddenly he can offer them to me for $1900.00 cheaper. It seemed very good to me but when you have to sign this minute to get the coupon price and then have him change prices several times to try and get the deal I did not think it was wise to deal with them. Maybe I made a mistake. I told him there was one more window I wanted to look at before I signed and I got a sales pitch about that. I can understand there is probably sales goals but did not like the sales end of the process. He also told me he used to sell Schuco and that the Gorell was a much better window and had much better ratings than the Schuco. I just felt like I was getting a song and dance.

What do you think of the pricing I got?

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Please Note: Posting Functions for this Board will no longer function!

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