Stanek Windows, Larmco,and Champion

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Stanek Windows, Larmco,and Champion

#1 Post by UPDOC » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:02 pm

I just had three estimates. Stanek sells Heat Mirror. It looks to be a good window,but the price was over $600 a window. I did check out southwall and their stock was under a $1.00. My concern, after a two hour pitch will i recup my investment? I then had Larmco, they try to tell me that their window was $1200 - $1500 per a window and i would get one free. That was a joke. Tonight I had Champion, again I had a three hour pitch.The price was better, $530 a window. My question is which company has the better product?I don't know who to believe. They all bad rap each other and they all tell me their window is the best. A friend of mine had a installer put in Alside windows, and she is happy.Is Alside a good window?

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#2 Post by earwax » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:16 pm

Alside is a decent windows. They are in the lower midrange vinyl windows. Good warranty, decent construction, decent warranty. Price is most likely significatnly lower. If price is an issue, there are better choices.

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Incorrect general assessment of Alside

#3 Post by WVUGUY » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:23 am

Indeed, Alside has a number of "price is key" products. However, they have two lines (Sheffield and Preservation) that compete very favorably with ANYONE in the premium segment, including the almighty Schuco.

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