SilverLine 8500 series by Andersen?

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SilverLine 8500 series by Andersen?

#1 Post by MikeInNY » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:58 pm

I am a complete novice to most things home related; so go easy on me :mrgreen:

I just purchased my first home last year. The windows appear to be the original Andersen wood/aluminum single pane windows. They are pretty shot. Hard to open, gaps between storm window and window frame, drafty, etc.. My heating bill in the winter was pretty bad for a small house like mine. My home is only around 1,000 square feet and is a ranch. I am looking to replace the windows to cut down on my heating bill next winter.

I'm not looking for the greatest window money can buy (since I just bought the home and my money has many projects just waiting for it to go into.) I'm thinking almost anything would be better than the single pane, worn out wood windows that I have now. With that in mind.. I got a quote from a local company, that seems to have good local reviews and has been around for quite a while, for SilverLine 8500 series windows. I did some research and understand that SilverLine are lower end windows. Not expecting any fancy features from them, just some better efficiency than what I have. The company also does a free full energy audit of your home before and after they install the windows. This should show that they have been installed properly and how much they help.

Doing a quick search on the internet, it appeared that there were mixed reviews on SilverLine. I've read them all, so my biggest question is this.. It looks like they were bought by Andersen around 2006. Most of the reviews I am finding for SilverLine are from around this time (and for lower series than this company offers, ex. 1200). Have they gotten any better?

I will be purchasing 5 sliders, 2 awnings, and 2 double hungs w/ 1 picture in between (also a sliding glass door, not SilverLine though.) If they are installed properly, would they be suitable for a small job like mine?

The company also offers Farley windows as one level up from the SilverLine, and Vista Windows right above those. I'm not sure how much more the Farley windows would be since I didn't get a quote for those but I couldn't find many reviews for them. Only found a couple complaints that they leaked and that was about it. Vista windows I couldn't really find anything about either. At least with SilverLine I could find both good and bad comments.

**Edit: Oops.. forgot to add that the SilverLine 8500's would all be foam filled frames. Not sure how much of a difference that makes but I heard its a necessity from some. They would also come with a Life of the home Warranty which includes labor from the installer. Any repairs are completely free.

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Re: SilverLine 8500 series by Andersen?

#2 Post by buddy11 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:13 pm

Farley is a Canadian window IIRC. Gotta love those Cauncks, they build tough stuff. Stay away from silverline if you can.

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Re: SilverLine 8500 series by Andersen?

#3 Post by Integra » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:41 am

I'd stay away from both Farley and Silverline. Neither one has a very good reputation for product quality. Simonton offers a nice, middle of the road window that is readily available and they take excellent care of their customers when it comes to product service.

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