Sunrise Restorations v. Vanguard + some other quotes

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Sunrise Restorations v. Vanguard + some other quotes

#1 Post by pyxis » Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:29 pm


Well I've decided it's time to swap out our windows after years of complaining about the rotted wood and cold drafts in the winter! After reading this site and doing some other research I've gotten a lot of good recommendations for manufacturers.

I've already had a couple of estimates and have a few more lined up this week. So far I've talked to two installers; one who deals with Andersen and the other with Sunrise.

First off here are my window sizes:

1- 57.5" x 65" casement w/ semi-circle (bedroom) = $4888
1- 57.5" x 65" casement (bedroom) = $2695
3- 29" x 41" casement (2 tempered for bathrooms) = $1437 per window
1- 79" x 54" casement (bedroom) = $4561
2- 23" x 77" picture windows = $1187 per window
2- 17" x 77" picture windows around patio door = $990 per window
1- 45.5" x 41" casement (kitchen) = $2635
1- 57.5" x 65" picture window w/ semi-circle in garage = $4888

I only have the Andersen quote made out per window.
The quote is for the Andersen 400 series windows and includes:
-LOE4 Smart Sunglass
-prefinished stain interior
- insulated with expansion foam
- exterior wrapped in aluminum and caulked with solar seal
- interior trimmed with casing

Now I do love the wood trimming in the interior because we already have wood now but that is a high price.

The other quote I received is for the Sunrise Restorations line. I'm still waiting to hear back from the guy though because he forgot to measure the garage window (don't quite like the salesman because of first impressions I guess but the company has a good reputation). I do need to call the salesperson back and clarify a few things though. I forgot if the quote includes an interior wood casing like Anderson or if that would also be extra.

Base price of quote is $9250
+ $850 for tempered glass
+ $650 for SunClean
+ $1953 for interior laminate
+ $2900 for the Ar90 glass
+ $3400 for Ultra KR-90 system

Anyways I should get down to my questions instead of rambling on :P

What do you guys think of the quotes? And I've read some on this site suggesting that there isn't too much of a difference between the Sunrise Restorations line and the Sunrise Vanguard lines when it comes to casement windows. I do like the Sunrise Restorations a lot but do wish they had a wood interior. But the laminate does look nice and perhaps I'm just hesitant because I currently have the wood interior.

I have an appointment for another estimate this week. This installer deals with the Sunrise Vanguard line in addition to Marvin (not sure which line) and Andersen.

I'm meeting with an installer this week who works with Anderson, Sunrise Vanguard, and Marvin.

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