Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

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Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

#1 Post by JustLooking » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:34 pm

Just had a cold call solicitor come to my door from Power Home Remodeling Windows & Siding this evening, saying they were scheduled to install new vinyl windows for one of my neighbors here in Colorado, and wanting to see if I were interested in a "free estimate" for replacement windows.

My home is 30+ years old, and the wood-framed windows are showing signs of wear, and are no longer keeping the cold out as well as they used to. So, I am allowing them to do their "free estimate" this coming Thursday morning (Dec. 1, 2016).

Thing is, I'd never heard of this company before, and when I checked them out, there was very little said about their product at all, except that its installation is done down to 0.001 millimeter (whatever that means), the glass reduces energy induction, and the "DuraGlass" is "400% stronger than the average window."

I am no fan of vinyl windows, as they tend to expand and contract with temperature changes, and can bow over time. But the sales guy said Power only uses "virgin vinyl" (what the heck is that?), which does not expand or contract.

The DuraGlass sounds good, as I live on a golf course, and have had several window panes replaced over the past 10 years living here (at about $300 per pane), but I'm not sure about the rest of his promises.

Is this company all that good, or is this sales guy just blowing smoke up my butt? Does anyone in Colorado have any experience with them?

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Re: Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:01 am

There seems to be a decent bit of information out there on them. Again, reviews are subjective, however, that is where I would start.

The window, last I checked, was a NorthEast building product and is an average product at best.

There are far better ones out there. ... 8&oe=utf-8

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Re: Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

#3 Post by Delaware Mike » Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:49 am

I used to work for them. I know all of the subs in my area too and many have attempted to perform installs for them. They're well know in the area for paying and treating their installers like disposable Harbor Freight tools and their top sales closers like royalty. If you sit through one of their presentations I'd suggest hiring a lawyer and window consultant to attend this with you to call out their BS. I still have two of their sales training manuals and their key ownership has spun, twisted facts, and claims just enough to keep them out of the court system.

The window itself is made by North East Building Products in Philly and is tweaked with options like tempered glass standard. If you lined up that window along with it's performance specs with 10 other random mid to high grade vinyl windows, there would be no one in the world that would consider that an $750 to $900 a opening window. My advice is to look for a true "Home Remodeling" company that does some marketing to maintain and grow their business as opposed to the "Marketing Company" that does windows.

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Re: Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

#4 Post by HomeSealed » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:42 am

1) Most of what you quoted from that representative is pure bs. Can't comment on this company specifically, but I'd probably move on from a company that uses those tactics.

2) More generally, don't throw out vinyl as a product option. The expansion and contraction is grossly overstated. The product is designed and engineered to mitigate the tiny amount that does occur... Most of the negative pub about vinyl windows is severely outdated, reflective only of low-end options, or completely made up. A high end vinyl window is an excellent choice, the only real downside being the inorganic look and feel compared to wood.
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Re: Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

#5 Post by JustLooking » Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:47 pm

Thank you, all who replied to my post!

After reading about Power HRG on this, and other discussion boards--including Yelp and other complaint boards--I am cancelling their "free estimate" appointment.

We're currently not actively interested in replacing our windows--especially not during the holiday season. There's too much going on right now.

From what I've seen, the company tends to spend way too much time (hours) on their 'demonstration' and estimates, then don't even provide their (over-priced) estimates in writing (I'm guessing because then they'd have to HONOR them), and like to use high-pressure sales tactics.

NOT the kind of company I'd want to do business with, even if we were actually interested in replacing our windows.

Thanks again!

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Re: Anyone Know 'Power Home Remodeling' Window & Siding Company?

#6 Post by TheWindowNerd » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:07 pm

It boggles my mind that anyone would allow themselves to be treated so badly by a salesman.
Our approach is so opposite of that. low/no pressure, high expertise, customer focused.
What would you expext from theWindowNerd

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