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Replacement Window Reviews

As many of you may know we had a Review Section on the site where individuals could rate and provide a detailed account of products they had purchased. There was a tremendous response in terms of people reading the reviews, but not so good in terms of reviews being added. It was a bit complicated for the average computer user to upload the review and provide images. We are working on a new system that will be much more user friendly.

In the meantime...

We ask anyone who would like to share their experiences with a particular brand of window to enter a post on our interactive Discussion Board [click here]

When Using the Bulletin Board
Simply relay the product, any technical specifications relative to it such as U or R values, heat, cooling and energy claims, the installation process and your general overall satisfaction. We know many consumers will appreciate this.

When purchasing new windows research is your best ally and reading up on other consumer’s experiences is something we preach. Technical information can be found on several government web sites which we have listed in our Resources section.