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Regency Plus Tech 2000 series 1811 Reviews

based on 2 reviews

Overall quality: 1
Locks: 1
Balance System: 1
Warranty: 1

October 25th 2014 at 11:51 pm

Window Comments

Our Regency Plus Inc. windows were supposed to have been made by Miracle Windows & Sunrooms in Florida. Turns out they are made by Regency Plus Inc. in PA which is a business partner of theirs. The warranty is supposed to be lifetime transferrable but when I called Regency Plus they say they leave the warranty up to the dealer and Miracle Windows is a dealer. Miracle Windows says they will warranty including labor but the signed pink contract says no warranty once the job is completed on the back of it. The quality of my windows are not good for Florida because the vents that are supposed to let water run out when it rains allow bugs in when it doesn't. It is not a closed system to the outside so lots of bugs come in the house when the windows are open! The mesh of the screen is rather large for Florida as well. It was a huge draw for us when they told us the windows were made in Florida for Floridians- they would know these things, that keeping bugs and moisture out of ones home in Florida is a huge concern. Every frame is scratched in more then one way. Some of my windows have weather striping on two sides, some on one side, some on three...none of my windows have weather striping on all four sides, inside and out. The screws used to secure the windows to the frame of my sunroom are not in the same place in any of our sunroom windows and they appear to go RIGHT through the frame of the brand new windows. I have talked to another client of MW and they said their installer used insulation foam, ours did not. Ours used insulation one uses for an attic and no shims, so I have some 1/8- 1/4 inch gaps around my windows because the UNEXPERIENCED installer could not get that material in the gap very easily if at all. We have had them in since August 1st and the latch on one of the casement windows is broken and the paint on the handle of the other is already chipping off. We were charged $27,263 for a sliding glass door (from Canada not MW as we were told) 2 casements and 22 other windows which filled 13 openings. Based on all the deception, poor installation and damaged final product we have asked for a full refund. They have refused. Our job cost total on our building permit is stated on the permit as almost $8,000 less than what we have been actually charged. The other client I spoke to had the same thing-listed total cost on the permit is almost $7,000 less than their actual cost. They were told they would be able to put their custom made wood blinds back in without a problem by the sales crew. Installer said not so because they would not fit. She had to go back to curtains.

Window Grade: 1.0
Install Comments

Installed by Subcontracted - not even sure if they have a name-the lead guy pretended he was a MW employee at first. of FL

They were supposed to be Miracle Windows & Sunrooms personally trained professionals and they weren't. One young man had NEVER installed windows before in his life.

Install Grade: 1.0
Price Information

For the same job with their top of the line windows Lowe's said they could do this same job for $10-12,000. FAR cry from the $27,263 that we have been charged.

Overall quality: 5
Locks: 4
Balance System: 5
Warranty: 5

April 28th 2008 at 9:11 am

Window Comments

The installation went very well and in 2 days they replaced 11 windows and one side garage door.Looks great.

Window Grade: 4.8
Install Comments

Installed by Direct Factory Windows of FL

Good Company to work with

Install Grade:

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