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Uniframe, Plygem, Premium, Lyfestyles, contractor. Reviews

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Overall quality: 1
Locks: 2
Balance System: 2
Warranty: 1

October 31st 2018 at 10:57 am

Window Comments

I was a Plygem Distributor for years. In 2006 we all of a sudden had influx of seal failures to the glass units. We are averaging 40-50 service calls per month on seal failure. We do our own service but I’m not cleaning up them problem they are having with seal failures. Anyone else have seal failure problems. We replaced 3 patio Doors insulated glass units, 4 casement IGU’s and 6 doublehungs in the same house. This is probably the 3rd home that has had this many seal failures this year. We hav what a lot that is 2-4-6-8 units in same ha,e.

Window Grade: 1.5


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