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What is the Energy Star? Windows Program?

The Energy Star? Windows Program is an excellent place for homeowners to review their options for efficient replacement windows.

  • Originally, the Energy Star? Program was founded in 1992 as a labeling program headed by the Enivronmental Protection Agency (EPA). At first, the labels were put only on computers and computer monitors, but soon thereafter, the Energy Star? Program teamed up with the US Department of Energy, and by 1996, many more product categories began to gain the label including most if not all appliances and home improvement goods, such as replacement windows, doors, and skylights.

  • Now, the Energy Star? Program is affiliated with over 15,000 private and public sector organizations that all help consumers find the energy efficient products they need, including replacement windows, doors, and skylights.

  • Amazingly, it was estimated that, through the Energy Star? Program, $18 billion dollars was saved in 2008 alone; Every replacement window bearing the Energy Star? label purchased and installed has helped, and will continue to help, this amount of savings rise year by year.

  • This trend is also due to the fact that more consumers than ever are aware of this free Program and its applicability to over 60 product categories including replacement windows, doors, and skylights
  • Look for the Energy Star? Label on the replacement windows you wish to purchase:
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