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RW Topics of the Week Archive



10-09-2017 Issue:

Pella 250 vs Window World, L-Shape Joints and what they're made for, Fiberglass/Composite Replacement windows and more! Read More

10-23-2017 Issue:

Maintaining Transom, New Construction Windows, Replacing Damaged Basement Windows and understanding Window Gas Read More


09-18-2017 Issue:

Color advice for glass replacement, fiberglass vs vinyl, and replacing aluminium windows. Read More


08-21-2017 Issue:

Color advice for glass replacement, fiberglass vs vinyl, and replacing aluminium windows. Read More


07-17-2017 Issue:

Color advice for glass replacement, fiberglass vs vinyl, and replacing aluminium windows. Read More


06-05-2017 Issue:

Replacing hail-damaged windows, Home Craftsman 8100, and Okna Vs. Sunrise Read More

06-19-2017 Issue:

Best of TX, Replacements vs New Trim, Okna vs Sunrise and the Top 100 Read More


05-01-2017 Issue:

More Insulation? Okna 600 Windows and Sunrise Vanguard vs Restorations Read More

05-15-2017 Issue:

$54k for windows and siding? Installation Warranty on Replacement Windows and Windows in Kansas Read More


04-16-2017 Issue:

Replacing windows in Colorado, Burris windows (a bad investment?), and buying windows in Chicagoland!Read More


03-27-2017 Issue:

Replacing windows in Colorado, Burris windows (a bad investment?), and buying windows in Chicagoland!Read More

03-13-2017 Issue:

Which quote is right? Replacement windows from big box stores? Windows at a 7000 foot altitude...and more!Read More


02-27-2017 Issue:

Basement Windows, Vinyl in Atlanta Heat, and Leaky (New) Windows?! Read More

02-13-2017 Issue:

Vinyl vinyl everwhere...clueless about windows and matching wood interior Read More

02-06-2017 Issue:

Minimizing road noise, Okna seal failure, and tough choices on replacement windows. Read More


01-30-2017 Issue:

Okna 500 vs 800, Looking for replacement parts, and Power Home Remodeling reviews? Read More

01-02-2017 Issue:

Windows in California, Energy Efficiency, and Deciding between two brandsRead More



12-19-2016 Issue:

Weathershield, Sprouse, or...? Gap in new slocomb windows, and deciding between different brands! Read More


11-28-2016 Issue:

DIY Replacement or call a Pro? What's wrong with this window? PGT Failure and the Importance of spacers! Read More

11-14-2016 Issue:

Water dripping in new installation, judging a window by it's salesman, shady window sales tactics, and Intercept spacers. Read More


10-24-2016 Issue:

Sub-$300 windows, Understanding DP Ratings, Windows & Security, and PVB Read More

10-10-2016 Issue:

Fixing Cracked Windows, Who Made My Windows, and Vinyl Sliding French Doors? Read More


09-26-2016 Issue:

Windows in Boston, Windsor vs Simonton, The Right Patio Door and Why Vinyl? Read More

09-12-2016 Issue:

Help in Colorado, Alside Mezzo, Simonton 50/50, or...? To full tear or not to full tear? Read More


08-29-2016 Issue:

Choosing a basement window, working with noise, DIY Replacements, and Pressure Ratings! Read More

08-15-2016 Issue:

New windows in a 22 year old home, Working with old trim, Soft-Lite Elements, and Window Insulation Read More


07-25-2016 Issue:

Newly installed windo issues, large storm window questions, and how can you tell if an installer is qualified? Read More

07-11-2016 Issue:

Avoiding Slimy Sales Tactics, Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Tricky Installs. Also, preparing for hurrican season.Read More


06-27-2016 Issue:

Windows in a new construction home, Am I getting ripped off, reattaching window trim and Window Ratings/Values.Read More

06-13-2016 Issue:

Windows in a new construction home, How to measure with two different openings, and finding the right installer?Read More


05-30-2016 Issue:

Avoiding direct sun glare and water reflection, Sash/Tilt Pack Kit vs Insert, Quality and Budget Friendly WindowsRead More

05-16-2016 Issue:

Alside 8000 Series, Choosing between three windows, and Vistamark windows Read More

05-02-2016 Issue:

Thermal Industries Legance vs Sunrise Essentials, Polystyrene Foam Efficiency, Sunrise P2210 or Soft Lite Impearal LS? Wooden Windows too! Read More


04-18-2016 Issue:

Low quote too good to be true? Windows for noise abatement? And best Bow Windows. Read More

04-04-2016 Issue:

Simonton Reflections 5500 vs American Jewel 3000, Big Box Windows in Iowa, Advice on Bay Windows and Double Vision. Read More


03-21-2016 Issue:

Showcase 200 vs Plygem 6100, Replacing 30-Year Old Picture Windows, Alside Mezzo and Slocomb Harmony, are they low grade?Read More

03-07-2016 Issue:

Traco Tilt Windows. Nails, Caulk, and no shims? New windows in Dallas, TX? Read More


02-22-2016 Issue:

Provia Windows, Okna 500DX, New Construction vs Replacement Windows and Super spacers with warm-edge technologyRead More

02-07-2016 Issue:

Reducing sounds, drafty windows and installation, trimming windows and dessicant Read More


01-11-2016 Issue:

Is Vinyl OK in Canada? Single vs Dual Arm Casement Windows, and Oknas Warranty Read More

01-25-2016 Issue:

High energy bill after new windows, which vinyl brand to choose, replacement window methods and the best of Oberon! Read More



12-14-2015 Issue:

Silverline or Ideal Windows? Nails, Shims and Questions! Vinyl windows and siding...and what window choices are right for you? Read More

12-28-2015 Issue:

Harvey Tribute or Okna 500 in CT? Something better than Lowes or Home Depot? Soft-Lite comparisons, and different types of glass for different types of windows. Read More


11-09-2015 Issue:

Okna Sliders with weepholes, Replacing 20 year old windows, bad vibe equal bad deal? Read More

11-30-2015 Issue:

$8k for 3 windows, too much? Okna Sliding doors, and What is a window pane? Read More


10-05-2015 Issue:

Marvin Windows - peeling paint and splitting wood, Window World vs Burris Windows? Read More

10-16-2015 Issue:

Swiggle Spacer System, Affordable price, but quality window? New windows with a leak and crack!Read More


09-07-2015 Issue:

Okna 800 or 800 DX, When does Triple Pane make sense? Truth vs Hype? Read More

09-21-2015 Issue:

Spots between panes with Gorell, Replacing windows in a brick home, Triple Pane too heavy? Read More


08-03-2015 Issue:

DIY Tips, CGI or PGT for aluminum windows, is Amerimax worth the extra Money? Read More

08-17-2015 Issue:

Taken for a ride by champion windows? Budget Friendly Windows? Gorell Seal Fiberglass Windows... Read More


07-06-2015 Issue:

Is a waterproof membrane necessary? Okna Starmark Gap Issue, Pella Patio door Problems! Read More

07-20-2015 Issue:

Andersen 400 vs Simonton 5050, PGT Window Glass and Green Tint? Reparining Roten Wod Windows...Tim's window tips Read More


06-08-2015 Issue:

Installing insert windows without a sash-track? New windows less quiet than the old ones? Will these sunrise windows lose their tightness? Read More


05-04-2015 Issue:

Lowewen Vs Marin vs Andersen Vs Pella, Champion Windows, Importance of Foam Insulation! Read More

05-25-2015 Issue:

Sound Transmission Class Ratings, Okna 800 vs 1800, Handling a bad install? Read More


04-13-2015 Issue:

Good deal on Hi-Mark? $12k for 4 installed PGT Sliding doors? Okna 500 vs Harvey Tribute! Read More


03-09-2015 Issue:

Choosing a glass package? Winter window problems and Vinyl Gorell Sliding door warping! Read More

03-16-2015 Issue:

Drafty Starmark Windows, DIY Window Installation, Broken Lock on Gorell Windows! Read More

03-30-2015 Issue:

Replace the windows or replace the glass? Sunrise Casement Windows, Best options for new windows in Maryland? Read More


02-02-2015 Issue:

Vista Panorama a comprable brand? Did our advice help this member 5 months ago? Can vinyl keep a home warm in the winters and cool in the summer? Need help with the Lingo? Read our Windows 101 Post! Read More

02-16-2015 Issue:

Provia VT800 vs Soft-Lite Barrington, Vinyl Windows in Idaho, Replacing Angled windows? Which ratings are important? Read More


01-05-2015 Issue:

Windows in St. Louis, Replace Windows or just the weather stripping? Removing screens for cleaning..? Read More

01-19-2015 Issue:

Replacing just the panes, or replacing the whole window? Going crazy shopping for windows! Warped Windows! Read More



12-01-2014 Issue:

New Windows in Illinois, Fogging in between Glass Panes, Replacing Large Direct Set Windows Read More

12-15-2014 Issue:

Self Cleaning Glass, Marvin Infinity and Okna 800 Installations, New Windows too Hot, and why Acrylic windows aren't readily available Read More


11-03-2014 Issue:

Patio Doors In Pittsburgh, Window Replacements in a 1917 Home, Plygem vs Milgard Windows, Low-E Hard vs Soft Coat Read More

11-17-2014 Issue:

Anlin Windows and soundproofing, Colored Viny Windows, Ohio Windows, 100 Best Window Brands! Read More


10-06-2014 Issue:

Three-Pane Surise vs Two-Pane Soft-Lite Doors, NT Windows, Decent Price for Alside Climatech? And Outside Noise! Read More

10-20-2014 Issue:

Window Shopping in St. Louis, Vinyl Bay Window vs Fiberglass 3-Panel Slider, Wood Windows in MN Read More


09-08-2014 Issue:

Insert window or full replacement? Perfect Windows in Pittsburgh. Marvin Ultrex vs RBA Fibrex. Window Choices and Consideration!Read More

09-22-2014 Issue:

Is $1000 per window too much? How will new windows look with Vinyl and Stone? Which windows can stand up against the harsh Detroit Climate? Low-E: Hard Coat vs Soft CoatRead More


07-07-2014 Issue:

Warm Edge Tech, Plygem vs Simonton, Garden Windows - good affordable brand? Sliders cheaper than Marvin?Read More

07-14-2014 Issue:

Vinyl Design Windows vs Simonton Windows, Windows in Connecticut, Casement to Double Hung windows, and Why Low-E and Argon are worth your money! Read More


06-02-2014 Issue:

Which windows can help increase property value? Best brands: alside, soft-lite, or sunrise? What to look for in a repalcement windows..Read More

06-09-2014 Issue:

Inline Fiberglass - a premium brand? Replacing a leaky patio door, and good compromise with SHGC...Read More

06-16-2014 Issue:

Sealant Showing on New Windows, Windows for Houston Texas Heat, Adding a built in J-Channel to new windows...Read More

06-23-2014 Issue:

Double Vision in New Windows, Champion Windows, Simonton in Daytona Beach, Okna vs Marvin...Read More

06-30-2014 Issue:

Foam Filled Frames, Soft-Lite Warranty - should you worry? Garden windows with a bad rap? Best Patio Door...?Read More


05-12-2014 Issue:

earn the Window-Lingo, Pela 250 Series vs Soft-Lite, AI Structural Rating Woes and White Vinyl Windows.Read More

05-19-2014 Issue:

Seabrooke for $8.9k, Townhouse windows - Okna, Simonton, or Soft-Lite, $15k for 22 Simonton windows?Read More

05-26-2014 Issue:

Tim's Tips, Faulty Windows - The installers fault? Sliding door bumping into a stationary fault - how to fix? Vinyl windows in big gaps? Read More


04-07-2014 Issue:

Removing Lead Paint, Condo Windows, Sunrise Standard vs Restoration/Vanguard.Read More

04-14-2014 Issue:

Glass Types, New Windows in IN, and Window BrandsRead More

04-21-2014 Issue:

RW Weekly 04-21-2014 Issue: How can you tell when it's time for new windows? Dual pane windows and double vision, and window confusion in PA...Read More

04-27-2014 Issue:

RW Weekly 04-27-2014 Issue: Alside 3000 - whats the deal? Are ribbed spacers bad? Okna 500, 800...or? Read More


03-03-2014 Issue:

So many brands to choose from...Materials that look good without sacrificing quality?\Design Pressure Window Ratings can be confusing! Anlin Windows.Read More

03-10-2014 Issue:

Marvin Integrity Insert Double-Hung WIndows, Softlite Elements vs Pella 3500, and Simonton vs Pella vs ALside. Plus the Swiggle Spacer System! Read More

03-17-2014 Issue:

Sierra Pacific Windows, Expert Opinions from the Pros, and Visible Trasmittance! Read More

03-24-2014 Issue:

Pella ProLine vs Sunrise windows, Okna Insul-tec for $7150, and Okna Insultec Vs Vytex Fortis! Read More

03-31-2014 Issue:

Wood Interior and Aluminum Exterior, Acrylic Not an Option, and STC Ratings Read More


02-03-2014 Issue:

Replacing after condo fire, $15,760 for 16 windows, and Air Infiltration in Pella...Read More

02-10-2014 Issue:

Replcaing 23 year old windows, Breaking down a quote, New Windows in EIFS House...Read More

02-17-2014 Issue:

Fixing a bowed sash, Finding Value in Ohio, Which is Alside's best?...Read More

02-24-2014 Issue:

Meeting 2015 Energy Ratings, Breaking in A Sliding Door, Condo Windows, and Tim's Window Tips...Read More


01-06-2014 Issue:

Upgrading to Soft-Lite Windows to Triple-Pane, Champion Windows vs Liberty vs Aeris 800, How to Reomve Steel Casement... Read More

01-13-2014 Issue:

New windows in Dayton OH, To Replace or Not To Replace, Condensation - Is it normal?... Read More

01-20-2014 Issue:

Is inside moisture normal? Fire-code in apartment building - what kind of windows to buy? Fixing gaps in between the sash and frame. Read More

01-27-2014 Issue:

Gaps and Drafts - Who's fault? What makes premium...premium? And How to handle those pushy salesmen! Read More



12-02-2013 Issue:

Vytex and HiMark, Sashkit Windows, and Power HRG SL2700 Windows. . . Read More

12-09-2013 Issue:

NE Kansas Window SHopping, Spacers: Metal vs Glass, Replacing Larger-Than-Aaverage Windows, Windows in Winter . . .Read More

12-16-2013 Issue:

Capping windows in the winter, Park Ave windows worth the cost? Interior condensation. . .Read More

12-23-2013 Issue:

The "Marketing House" Sales Pitch - is it really a deal? And are Replacement Windows less watertight than New Construction?. . .Read More

12-30-2013 Issue:

Pocket vs Nail-Fin, Brooklyn NY Windows, and Okna 800. . .Read More


11-04-2013 Issue:

Fiberglass and Viny Installation Seals, Maintenance Free Windows, and Andersen Silverline 8500. . . Read More

11-11-2013 Issue:

New Construction Windows, Milgard Essence vs Marvin Windows, and High Solar Heat Gain Windows. Read More

11-18-2013 Issue:

Glass Types, Alliance Windows, ICC Regulations and Plygem vs Milgard Read More

11-25-2013 Issue:

Twelve-Foot Sliding Doors, Anderson Vs Plygem, and trouble finding premium windows Read More


10-07-2013 Issue:

Sunrise Tilt-In Windows, Quote Check: Soft-Lite, Andersen, Jeld-Wen, DIY Aluminum Sliders... Read More

10-14-2013 Issue:

Replacing windows and brick mold, Western Virgina Replacement Windows, and Window World vs Pella. Read More

10-21-2013 Issue:

Replacing windows in Chicago, Air Infiltration, and Vinyl in Hot climates... Read More

10-28-2013 Issue:

What is stronger than Vinyl or Wood? Simonton 9800 Hurricane Protection and Burris Windows. Read More


09-02-2013 Issue:

Brick Veneer, Retrofitting and Energy Efficiency, Comfort Worl 400 vs Pella 350 ... Read More

09-09-2013 Issue:

Windows for under $12000, Windows in CT, Good Fiberglass options? Read More

09-16-2013 Issue:

MI Windows, Replacing Townhouse Windows, and Windows in the middle of nowhere...Read More

09-23-2013 Issue:

Alside Challenger 800 alternatives, Shopping for Patio Windows, and Window Materials: Vinyl, Fiberglass, or Fibrex? Read More

09-30-2013 Issue:

Stormtight Window Installation Gone Bad! Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass? Reasonable Replacement Window costs?
Read More


08-05-2013 Issue:

Okna 400 vs Champion Vinyl, Serious Windows Inserts vs Full Tear Outs, Alside Ultramax ... Read More

08-12-2013 Issue:

Mathews Brothers Windows in Rhode Island, HiMark 800 vs Marvin Integrity, and Okna 400 prices ... Read More

08-19-2013 Issue:

Sound-proofing a 1960's home, Starmark in Chicago, Price Check ... Read More

08-26-2013 Issue:

Alside Promenade vs. Himark 800, Slider Tilt and Turn Windows, Quality of Certianteed?... Read More


07-01-2013 Issue:

Check your Glass, Egress Code, and Soft-Lite Windows ... Read More

07-08-2013 Issue:

Matching white vinyl windows, Replacing narrow windows, Retrofit windows ... Read More

07-15-2013 Issue:

Tips for the complicated process of replacement window buying, Price check on Okna Windows - model 800 ... Read More

07-22-2013 Issue:

Price Check: Newton-Slocomb Premium Windows, Wincore Windows (Good Choice?), Simonton vs Ply-Gem vs EPI ... Read More

07-29-2013 Issue:

Okna vs Marvin Integrity, Thermally Broken Accordion Doors, New Windows in Arizona harsh Sun ... Read More


06-03-2013 Issue:

Quality of Starmark Sliding Doors, Majestic vs Dreamhouse, Sound Reduction in the City ... Read More

06-10-2013 Issue:

Marvin Windows - is it a good deal & Total Simonton Window Price ... Read More

06-17-2013 Issue:

Replacing Windows on Marble Sills, Broken Crank Handle, and Okna Replacement Windows ... Read More

06-24-2013 Issue:

Low Cost, High Quality Windows, Hurricane Protection in Simonton, DIY: Replacing old Aluminum Sliders ... Read More


05-06-2013 Issue:

Affinity vs Okna, Alside's Best Window?, and Harvey Tribute Windows ... Read More

05-13-2013 Issue:

Double Hung vs Sliders, Best DIY Windows, and Okna vs Serious Windows ... Read More

05-20-2013 Issue:

Choosing between 4 windows, Replacing Windows with a professional (is it the best choice?), Plygem vs MI Designer Series ... Read More

05-27-2013 Issue:

Alternative to Sunrise Restoration or Vanguard Windows, Narrowing Down Window Choices, and Good Prices for Soft-Lite windows ... Read More


04-01-2013 Issue:

Windows for an addition, Okna 5500 Windows, and Best windows for a Sunroom ... Read More

04-08-2013 Issue:

Single Hung Windows: Simonton, Sunrise, Anderson or Amerimax Craftsmen? Good windows for a good price? What to look for in a better window ... Read More

04-15-2013 Issue:

Wood-like casement windows, Okna 800 installation photos, and Dissecting DP scores in Okna and Simonton windows. . . Read More

04-22-2013 Issue:

Wood-like casement windows, Okna 800 installation photos, and Dissecting DP scores in Okna and Simonton windows ... Read More

04-29-2013 Issue:

Alside Fairfield 80 Windows, Affinity Elite vs Okna 500 and 800, Sunrise Restorations Vinyl vs Marvin Infinity Fiberglass ... Read More


03-04-2013 Issue:

Simonton 5300 vs Pella 350, Anlin Windows and Sound-Deadening, Fiberglass Windows: Milgard or Marvin ... Read More

03-11-2013 Issue:

Gerkin Vinyl Windows, Buying windows' from unknown company (Majestic Windows), Blocking nearby train noises ... Read More

03-18-2013 Issue:

Lifelong Windows - Okna, Soft-Lite, or Sunrise? United Window and Door vs. Simonton, and Don Young Replacement Windows ... Read More

03-25-2013 Issue:

Okna vs Slocomb, New Window Shopper and all the options, Certian Teed, Eco Sheild, or Home Depot windows ... Read More


02-04-2013 Issue:

VPI Replacement Windows vs Milgard Tuscany, Encapsulating Lead Paint, Vytex Potomac Windows vs Soft-Lite ... Read More

02-11-2013 Issue:

Alside, Vantage Pointe, and Camelot prices - Affinity Elite, Best Windows for Surviving the Elements and Soundblocking ... Read More

02-18-2013 Issue:

Fiberglass Windows and Soundproofing, Maintenance Free Windows, and Okna 800 vs. Harvey Tribute ... Read More

02-25-2013 Issue:

Soft-Lite Windows for $7,312, Eathrwise Vinyl Windows, Big Windows with some longetivy ... Read More


01-07-2013 Issue:

Sunrise Verde's strenght Vs. Soft-Lite Imperial's great looks, changing window styles, and Replacing windows on a budget ... Read More

01-14-2013 Issue:

Vinyl Windows for under $10,000, Alternatives to Marvin Infiity, Best Windows in Texas ... Read More

01-21-2013 Issue:

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows, Retroactive Tax Credit, Schuco vs Soft-Lite Replacement Windows ... Read More

01-28-2013 Issue:

Okna 400, 500 or 800? Double Hung Windows in NJ from $3,100 to $7,100 and Marvin Integrity vs Pella Impervia ... Read More



11-12-2012 Issue:

Milgard Essence vs Marvin Integrity, UValue, and Premium Survivor ... Read More

11-19-2012 Issue:

Visible Transmittance, Okna, Plygem, Fiberglass and Impact Windows ... Read More

11-26-2012 Issue:

Softlite Imperial vs Marvin Infinity, Radiating Cold, and Gorell 5300
... Read More


12-3-2012 Issue:

Which will keep you warmer? Jeld-Wen, Milgard, or Simonton? Softlite Elements, Harvey Classics ... Read More

12-10-2012 Issue:

Rental Property Windows, DIY Retrofit, Best Value: Windsor, Anderson, Softlite, or Jeld-Wen ... Read More

12-17-2012 Issue:

Alside Preservations, Okna Starmark...which is the best window? And read about Window glass coatings ... Read More

12-24-2012 Issue:

Budget Windows - Alside Excaliber or Ply Gem 2000, Replacement Sashes for Norco Windows, and Lowe E Coatings explained ... Read More

12-31-2012 Issue:

City Sound Reduction, Windows in harsh climate and reliablity of Mercury Excelum windows ... Read More