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Week of November 19, 2012

This Week's Top Discussion Board Posts

How Visible Transmittance affects your windows
See how a low VT Score could effect your new window installation, for the better or for the worse.
How does U-Value, Air Infiltration, and Design Pressure effect how you choose a window
See what values and attributes you should look for when shopping for windows in certian climates.
Okna, Plygem, or Fiberglass...which is the way to go?
A user is replacing windows that termites have taken over, see what other users have to say about what he should purchase.

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Impact Windows: Which Type Is Going To Be Right For You?
"Impact windows are made with laminated glass, upgraded hardware, upgraded frames and other components, and all sealed in place with some of the strongest silicone (or other) adhesives on the market."

Premium - Survivor 5600 Reviews
Rating 5.0
"They are great windows. No issues to date." -Mark M, NJ
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Alside - Cost Saver Reviews
Rating 5.0
"They did a great job. I noticed right away how quiet they made the home and look great" -Lee, Ohio
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