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Week of December 03, 2012

This Week's Top Discussion Board Posts

Keeping warm in the winter with Milgard, Simonton, and Jeld-Wen..
Which windows are going to keep you warmer this winter with the best air numbers adn thermal numbers.
Sky Wall Windows, why regular window's won't work.
One board member has a wall of windows and a quote for $10,000. Read about the special attention that need to be paid to this windows project.
Serious Windows, great U-Factor, and great VT scores, are they too good to be true?
This member was given a great quote for Serious Replacement Windows. With a VT score of 47 and a U-Factor of .19, they seem like perfect windows. See why other members may disagree.

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Laminated Glass: Is "Double Vision" a myth?
A thought experiment: Imagine that every person who has a dual pane window saw double when looking through their window...imagine the public perception and outcry if that were true.

Harvey - Classics
Rating 3.25
"My heating bill was cut in half since we put them in. Definetly worth the investment." - Kathy, RI
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Soft-lite - Elements
Rating 4.0
"The Low-E coating keeps the kitchen cool in the summer
mornings." -Cher, IL
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