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Week of December 17, 2012

This Week's Top Discussion Board Posts

Alside Preservations, Okna Starmark...which is the best window?
One of our members received quotes for some Alside windows, but the negative review don?t make them seem like a good deal. Are Okna ?Smartmark? windows a better option? Read More >>
Considering colors when shopping for windows:
Sometimes windows just don?t match your home. Can you paint them? Can you order them in different colors? See what our resident professionals have to say. Read More >>
Vinyl, Fibrex, Fiberglass, many options. Which options are the best?
The replacement window industry can be overwhelming and confusing. Read this thread for great advice on fiberglass vs vinyl, contractors, and how to weed out the good windows from the bad windows. Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Coated Glass: Which type of coating will keep you warmer?
Soft coats must be protected so they are only available when sealed in an IGU... Hardcoats are basically tin oxide that was applied to the upper surface of the glass during the float process so that they don't need the same level of protection as does a softcoat.
Windsor Windows & Door - Windsor Windows
Rating 2
"Since moving in I?ve installed the screens and have found many issues with the windows, 6 of them have issues with staying open" -ToesNose
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Gorell - Gorell 5100
Rating 4
"The ?constant force? balance creates more leverage on the double-hung sash, and better ease of use." - Bill, MA
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Pella - Pro-Line
Rating 2
" These fiberglass Impervias are fantastic. Maybe they cost a bit more, but you will never have to replace them. I will check back in in 15 years." -ChasRip
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