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Week of December 31, 2012

This Week's Top Discussion Board Posts

Sound reduction in the city - Okna, SoftLite,Sunrise or Marvin?
One of our members just purchased a condo in the city and wants to replace the windows, which brands are the best for sound reduction? See what our pros think. Read More >>
Windows in the harsh Arizona Climate
A member lives in Arizona and can't purchase most highly recommended windows. What types of windows will stand up to the Arizona sun? See what our pros have to say about thermally broken aluminum, aluminum clad, and fiberglass. Read More >>
Mercury Excelum Windows, are they reliable?
Not many of our pros have had experience with these windows that a homeowner is thinking of installing. But some of our members share their experiences. Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Soft Hard Coat - Lowe E
LoE-366 simply means 3 layers of silver and 66% light transmittance. LoE-272 means 2 layers of silver and 72% VT. LoE-178 means one layer of silver and 78% transmittance. It would take a heck of a lot less memory cells if the other folks would come up with a similar system!
Marvin - Infinity Windows
Rating 4
"Although these were the highest priced windows we looked at, we thought they were by far the best value." - Jack, WI

"I replaced my windows to have a tight sealing window and I still get frost in the winter time. Air comes through the sash and frame...not what you would expect from a $1300 window!"-Mark, MN

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Thermastar - Pella
Rating 2.5
"If you want good durable vinyl windows that will last with reasonable use for years then you can't go wrong with Pella windows." -Darvon

"Overall, the window is decent for the money we paid, and it sure is a whole lot better than what we had before"-R.H.S.C.

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