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Week of January 21, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Aluminum Windows
A member is looking to replace stationary and casement windows, and wants to know if aluminum windows are still an option. See if our professionals think Aluminum windows could work for this member. Read More >>
Retroactive Tax Credit for New Windows passed!
Our Window Professionals discuss the reinstated tax credits for newly installed windows under "American Taxpayer Relieft Act of 2012". See how it affects you! Read More >>
Schuco Windows vs. Soft-Lite Barrington windows?
A member has been quoted $560 per window for Soft-Lite Barrington windows, to substitute for Schuco Triple Pane windows. Are the Barrington's a good replacement? See what our experts say. Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Sound Transmission: How your windows keep your house quiet!
We are tuned to hear specific frequency ranges better than we hear at other frequency ranges. Our best hearing range is from about 1000 Hz to 4000 Hz and, coincidently, the human voice tends to range from about 400 Hz to 4000 Hz. Go figure heck of a design feature. Our voice range can go higher and lower than the frequencies noted, but the 400 to 4000 Hz range is generally accepted as intelligible.
Anlin Windows
Rating 4.75
"We love the new windows, both look and operation qualities" -David, CA

"Love them! Had all windows & 2 sliders replaced last year and very happy with results. No leaks, no cracks, sound deadening as promised, installation went smoothly." - Pat, CA

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Window World Windows
Rating 2
"The windows are nice looking - we got 12 windows with grids. Leak some air but no frosting over in frigid temps.." - Anonymous, ND

"Ahh, run away! We bought 10 windows. In the end the windows were drafty, lopsided, and some of the frames were cracked from being forced in!" - Michelle, AL

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