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Week of February 11, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Replacement Window Prices: Alside, Vantage Pointe, and Camelot
A member is looking to replace windows in their house, and has received many quotes. Camelot windows is $550 a window, Vantage Pointe is $570 a window, and Alside is $610 a window. What window do the experts think are going to be best? Read More >>
Are Affinity Elite's the best choice?
A member has been told that Affinity Elite would be the best option, especially up against Majestic, Castle, and BF Rich. See if our experts agree. Read More >>
The Best Windows for surviving the elements?
A member is ready to fix up some windows after some leaking due to Hurricane Sandy. Currently the user is looking at Okna Enviro-star 800, Soft-Lite Elements, and Soft-Lite Imperial. Which windows do our experts think are going to be best at keeping the elements out? Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Sound Blocking: Why just airspace won't block sound
...but I am curious what your specific need is for that sort of gap? I suspect that you will probably need to use something like the sound-blocking panel that was mentioned in order to get that sort of construction, ultimately.
Vista by Vista Windows
Rating 3
"We bought 3 large slider-type windows and one small double-hung type. The double-hung seems fine, but the sliders fit loosely in their frames" -Lisa, MO

"Their triple pane r-7 panorama double hung is a fantastic product for the price" - Quin, MN

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Champion by Champion Windows
Rating 2.75
"Had 1/2 of my windows replaced in 2006. The windows are very nice quality, but expensive, which is why I could only afford to have half of them replaced." -Cathy, OR

"They were the most expensive bid but great quality. Our utility bills haven't decreased but the sound is cut down A Lot!." - Niki, ID

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