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Week of February 18, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Fiberglass Windows and Sound Proofing - Milgard Ultra, Marvin Infinity, or Marvin Integrity
A member is having a hard time with barking dogs in the neighborhood, and has decided to try out new windows. Milgard and Marvin were the recommended brands, but what do our experts have to say? Read More >>
Maintenance Free Casement Windows - Vinyl vs Composite
A member has an 8 year old house, and is looking to replace the current windows with new, maintenance free casement windows. See which brands and models our experts think are going to be worry-free. Read More >>
Okna 800 vs Harvey Tribute
One of our members is trying to decide which window to install in a Connecticut home. The member would like the windows to last 10-15 years...see which windows our experts thing will be the best fit. Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Sound Performance: Are Additional Panes More Beneficial?
In that study you will have noticed that there are situations where a single lite of glass will actually outperform (sound) a dual pane IGU at certain frequencies. You may also have noted that the dual pane IGU in that example had a 1/4" airspace between the lites. It is the width of the airspace that is significant in that example.
Encore Windows by Seaway
Rating 5
"I was real happy with the windows from Seaway. We got Encore. They are real easy to clean and I noticed a difference in the bills. very satisfied" -Dana

"I installed the Encore series windows from Seaway after researching many different brands and seeing the windows installed in several co-workers homes. They were all very happy with the windows." - Dave, VT

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Sound Solutions V4002 by Window Concepts
Rating 5
"Beautiful windows, great performance, and a great value!" -Anonymous, MN

"I love the windows!!! The company gave us a great price and the installers did a wonderful job installing them." - Curtis, MN

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