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Week of March 04, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Simonton 5300 vs Pella 350 - is the premium price worth it?
One member is having a hard time deciding between two quotes. Simonton 5300 for $431 per window, or Pella 350 for $538 per window. Both have screens, Low-E Argon, andare Vinyl. Is the Pella window worth the $100 more? See what our experts think. Read More >>
Are Anlin Windows the best choice for Sound-Deadening?
A member in Southern California received a $10,000 quote for 12 windows and a patio door. Sound-Deadening is a very important factor for this member; do our experts think the quoted windows work well? Read More >>
Fiberglass Windows: Milgard Ultra or Marvin Integrity?
A member is replacing over 30 windows with new, high-end, Fiberglass Windows and this member wants to make sure these windows are low maintenance, long-lasting, with minimal warping and yellowing. Is fiberglass the best choice? Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Air Space: Dimensions and their sound properites
Obviously, from the description, this "dual pane" was tight...there was no air (or sound) leakage around this set up. Also, the airspace between the original interior windows and the storms was probably a couple of inches wide, as well - ideal for attenuating unwanted sounds.
Extreme Energy Miser by Budget Installation
Rating 5
"The windows have the lowest air infiltration rate than any window we saw. I checked it out with architectual sspecs, compared to other high quality windows. I mean isnt that alot of what it is about, no air getting in? -Sailtime, NH

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Wellington Vinyl Clad by Wellington
Rating 2.5
"It will cost us labor and a trip charge because it is after 36 months and only the material is covered that explains the Limited in Lifetime LIMITED warrancy." - Marcie, WI

"Our new windows are beautiful and well crafted and for the first time in the twenty plus years we have lived in our home we can have the windows open and let the sunshine in. We now have a backyard that we never were able to see before.." - Jill, MN

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