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Week of March 11, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Gerkin Vinyl Windows - A Diamond in the Rough?
One member is searching for high-quality windows in the Kansas area and found Gerkin Window; but Gerkin has very little online resources for review. See what our experts think about this brand, and if they're as good as they sound. Read More >>
Buying windows from an unkown company - Majestic Windows?
A member is looking at two window brands: B. F. Rich, an established brand from a 50+ years installer, and a brand new low-cost company Majestic Windows. What do our experts think, is it a good choice to invest money into a new brand? Read More >>
Blocking nearby Train and Siren noises - best option?
A member is looking for new windows, primarily to help block the sound of a train 150 yards away from the house. Out of the many options from Okna, Milgard, to Andersen in New York area, which option do our experts think will be the most effective? Read More >>

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Hurricane Windows: Five products that will work for you
Actually, it gets better. For maximum sound attenuation (deadening) you also need a tight, heavy window sash and frame. It really doesn't matter how good (or expensive) the glass is if the frame is not up to the same standards. But, when you buy an impact rated product, you are buying an entire window unit that has been tested and certified to some rather stringent requirements and the window systems is about as tight as a window system can be...
United 4800 by United Window and Door
Rating 4.5
"The windows installed in my house have made a huge difference in the energy efficiency in my house.. "-Matthew, NJ
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Farley Windows by Farley Windows
Rating 2
"i replaced all windows in my house with farley.i have a broken frame and windows leaking.also they brand theses windows farley under other names also kaykan and kaytec.they say the frame is not covered under waranty" - Brian

"After a recent purchase and installation of replacement Farley Windows, I have seen that they allow water to leak into the house. If water leaks air may leak, too. Farley Windows seems to be content that it's OK for their new windows to leak water due to the poor design of the window drainage mechanism. Maybe, Farley Windows of today is not what it used to be.." - Window Watcher

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