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Week of May 06, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Affinity vs Okna - Who has the better window?
Our experts debate over balance systems, Air Leakage Rates, UFactors and Wind Speed Ratings. See whether they think Okna or Affinity is the best value. Read More >>
Alside's best window?
One member is looking at multiple windows by Alside. Do our experts think that the Sheffield window will be the best or is Ultramaxx the better choice? See what the experts have to say. Read More >>
Harvey Tribute Triple Pane Window vs Okna 500 Windows
A member is replacing 35 windows and has received quotes for Harvey Tribute windows. However, he has heard great things about the Okna 500. What should he expect to pay and is Okna the better choice? See what the experts think!

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Window Spacer Performance: How does Window Spacing affect U-Value?
The current very best, most energy efficient, spacing/gas combination is Xenon in a triple glazed IGU with "airspaces" of about 7/32" each....we are looking at a U value of .09 in that construction.
Tilt Double Hung by Weather Shield
Rating 2.0
"after first year, the condensation was so bad i had to refinish the window. within the first 3 years i had to do it again. this time i used marine grade varnish. now the interior wood around two of the windows are rotten. the wooden base to 11 of 16 windows is also rotten"- MIKE

"After 10 years E glass is failing causing pitting between panes.Weather Shield is aware of the problem , changing it's design on newer windows.They refuse to negotiate fair compensation for this defect. " - Anonymous

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Casement Windows by Lincoln Windows
Rating 1.5
"near 40 lincoln windows in home, nearly 10 have seal failures in less than 7 years, company no longer replaces window under warantee, will only provide new glass, very poor response, fear all will fail eventually, never buy lincoln again.." - Lee

"After 1 year started having leaks and found that they put the wrong weather striping aroung. they sent me more, but had to put in myself.." - Anonymous

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