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Week of May 20, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Choosing between 4 window companies
One member needs help choosing a company to replace 21 windows, and has narrowed the choices down to four installers. The choices are between HomeSealed (installs Okna, Polaris, and Marvin windows), Great Day Improvements (installs Stanek), All-American Windows (installs Soft-Lite) and WASCO (makes their own windows). What company do our experts think will be the best installer for a budget-conscious homeowner? Read More >>
Replacing Windows - is a professional contactor the right choice?
A member is looking at replacing old windows, and has a contractor friend who offered to help. Is it worth it for this member to find professional window installers? Is the warranty and peace of mind worth the extra money? See what our experts have to say!Read More >>
Plygem Vs MI Designer Series Windows
One of our members is deciding between Plygem Windows or MI Designer Series windows. Which window is going to be the best bang for the buck? Or do our experts think this member might be better off paying for premium windows?

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

SHGC: How glass options can change based on your location.
As a general rule, you want a low SHGC number if you live in the South and a high SHGC number if you live in the North - if you want that warm-sun feel... (added later)
500 Series by Crystal Windows
Rating 3.75
" I've ordered these windows with energy efficient package the installer recommended and was told I am qualified for a tax credit. Also I am getting lifetime warranty on these windows. Overall I feel I got a great deal"- Bob H, NY

"I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties. I like the mechanism that one can engage to be sure the window only opens a small amount...nice for upper level windows." - CJ, VA

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Restoration by Sun-Rise Windows
Rating 5
"Windows were installed in the summer, it's now January and we can feel a HUGE difference compared to our previous windows. No more drafts coming from the Windows" - Rootman, PA

"No other window company could tell me the R rating and the air infiltration rate. My windows have an R rating of 21 and air infiltration of .1." - Elizabeth, PA

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