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Week of May 27, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Good alternative to Sunrise Restoration or Vanguard Windows?
One member can't quite budget for Sunrise Restoration Windows or Vanguard Windows, but would still like a high quality window. With a budget of $15,000 - what are some brands that our experts recommend? Read More >>
Narrowing Down Window Choices
A member has many questions to help narrow down exactly which windows to purchase and install. Should they be double or triple paned? Vinyl or Fiberglass? See what kind of information our experts have offer! Read More >>
Soft-Lite - $794 per Window - A Good Price?
One of our members was quoted $794 per Soft-Lite window. Our member is installing 20 triple-paned windows with a custom color. Is this a good price? See what our experts think.

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Scratches: Which scratches on windows are harmless, which ones are dangerous?
Industry standards do allow for a certain number of light, hairline scratches on window glass. There are specifics for the number, intensity, and location on the glass.
Gorell 5100 Series by Gorell Windows
Rating 4
" I was impressed with 1) The quality of their vinyl. Brighter/Whiter than other brands I reviewed. 2)Their balance system"- Bill, MA

"My windows have been awesome! My utility bills have been reduced by over a 1/3 and I can not hear traffic noise when they are closed." - Barb, LA

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Ply Gem Windows by Ply Gem
Rating 3.25
"A month ago, I had all my house windows replaced with Plygem Professional Series windows. Triple-Pane Low e. They look nice. It is alot quieter inside the house now. " - Mark, WA

"The Plygem Replacement Windows fit like a glove. They are a 100% improvement from our old cold aluminum windows. They're beautiful. " - Ken, WA

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