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Week of June 03, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Quality of Starmark Sliding Doors
A member is looking at installing Starmark Sliding doors, and is curious about the quality. Do our experts think these doors are worth the price? See what the experts have to say. Read More >>
Majestic vs Dreamhouse Windows
One of our members is looking at new windows from relatively unknown window companies. Are Majestic and Dreamhouse creditable brands? See if our experts have any experience with either companies. Read More >>
Sound Reduction in a City Condo
One of our members is looking to reduce the neighboring city street and park noises in a condo. What brand is going to help knock out all the surrounding noise? Some top choices seem to be Okna, Soft-Lite, Sun-Rise, and Marvin. See which windows our experts think are going to help quiet this condo.

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Imploding Windows: Will It Happen to You?
Imploding windows is a real phenomenon. It does happen, although it is not particulary common.
Renewal by Andersen Windows by Renewal by Andersen
Rating 3
" Had 17 RBA windows installed in 2011. I researched the market thoroughly and even though RBA was expensive I could not be happier with my windows. It cost me but I did it right. "- Mark, OH

"Love the windows. They look great and were installed beautifully.." - Pam, TX

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Xact 1450 by MI Windows
Rating 3.25
"Solid product. Excellent value. Product was way more affordable than "high name-recognition" brands but had basically same specs. " - TWags

"windows leak company will not come and see what the problem is unless you pay them $250. " - NY

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