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Week of June 10, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

$15,000 for 22 Simonton 5500 Windows
A member was quoted $15,000 for 22 for Simonton Windows. If this quote is just for the windows and not the install, is this a good deal for our member? See what our window professionals think. Read More >>
$56,500 for Marvin Windows - is it a good deal?
A member was quoted $56,500 for 30 Marvin Windows. Was this a good deal? Would our member be better off choosing another window? See what our experts think. Read More >>
Good Windows for $6,000-$8,000?
One of our members is looking for good replacement windows with a good build quality, U-Value, and Energy Star qualified. Is there a good choice for the price range? See if our experts have a recommendation

The Best of Oberon - Our Resident Technical Expert

Acoustics: A tree falls in the woods...
Despite Star Trek and Star Wars and the miriad of other deep space extravaganzas, there ain't no noise in space - there is no medium to transmit the sound waves. One of the things (of many) that I really liked about "Firefly" - no sound in the dark.
Architect by Pella Windows
Rating 3
"The Architect series window from Pella is more beautiful than others, has an aluminum clad frame which is maintenece free in 27 colors, and a wood interior that is treated with enduraguard that protects the wood from any rot mold or bug infultration "- Anonymous

"Had 2 replaced before installation - glass warped. Have had 2 service calls because windows are so hard to crank shut. Hardware not strong enough to support window weight." - Jag, VT

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VISTA by Vista Windows
Rating 3
"The double-hung seems fine, but the sliders fit loosely in their frames and air blows through where the sections meet and at the bottom. They are far less energy-efficient than the old windows they replaced, which were not drafty. " - Lisa, MO

"Their triple payne r-7 panorama double hung is a fantastic product for the price. " - Quin, MN

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