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Week of July 01, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Check Your Glass - Double or Triple Pane
After having new Okna 500 double hung windows installed, one member noticed a Glass package discrepancy on the NFRC labels. "All the windows had the same sticker on them so either I have all the wrong glass packages or the stickers and info the manufacturer has is not accurate."Read More >>
Failed Egress Code in Rental Property
One member's rental property has failed the local egress code. Are entirely new windows the solution to passing, or can the pockets just be replaced? Take a look and see what our experts think.Read More >>
Choosing Between Two Soft-lite Windows
One member recieved two quotes for Soft-lite windows, with one being $500 higher per window. Is the extra thickness in the glass worth the extra money? See what our experts have to say Read More >>

Reveiw the Basics

SpacerIntercept Spacer System
Aluminum or Intercept Spacers? If that's a question you've had, take a look at this page to see the benefits of the Intercept Spacer System.
Pozzi PID001 by Jeld Wen
Rating 3
"Installed 16 double-hung aluminum clad windows 3 years ago.Terrific window and a real energy saver. Doing another 10 this sprint"

" Nothing but seal failures on glass and first wind blows seperates sash and weatherstriping,drafty to say the least, not like old Pozis before Jeld-Wen got there hands on them"
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Zap Pack by Jeld Wen
Rating 4.0
"The quality of them seems very good the only tricky part I have found is snapping the side balances on to the brackets just takes a little elbow grease. " - Tim M., GA

"TTwo important factors affecting the final installation and fit are precise measurements and the condition of the existing window frames. I highly recommend Jeld-Wen windows. " - Woodman, NC

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