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Week of July 08, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Trying to Match White Vinyl Windows
One of our members is searching for new windows to match the ones already installed, but the brand is unknown! Will Simonton ProFinish Builder Window be a good fit, see how our Window Pros weigh in! Read More >>
Replacing Narrow Windows
After being told only fixed windows could be installed to replace master bedroom windows that are a narrow 17"-18" wide, this homeowner is seeking more options. See what kinds of windows will fit in these narrow openings, and what our experts think are the best option. Read More >>
DIY: Instructions for Installing Retrofit Vinyl Windows
One member has posted up a great link to DIY Instructions for installing Retro Fit windows. Take a look at this post to read this soup to nuts guide! Read More >>

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Top ManufacturersTop 100 Window Manufacturers
Trying to decide what brand of windows to buy for your home? Take a look at our comprehensive list of the top 100 window makers!
Castle Windows
Rating 3
"Castle makes a great window with an UNLIMITED warranty. Very satisfied with their product and install" -Michael, MD

" The windows seen to be okay, however the installers did not caulk the windows therefore rain entered my home and my walls are falling apart. Can I gewt help with this problem??"-Bee, PA
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Double Hung by Sunrise
Rating 3.0
"Windows look great and all perform well except for one window that was not a standard size. The window is about 1/4 of an inch smaller than the frame. I have brought this to their attention and waiting for resolve. " -JBRAD44, NY

"The Windows look beautiful and they have really reduced the outside noise. Easy to clean and saved me about $150 per month on heating and cooling. " - Anonymous

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