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Week of July 22, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Price Check: Newton-Slocomb Premium Windows
One of our members has received a quote for 12 Newton-Slocomb Premium Windows. Is the $4400 price tag worth it? See what our experts have to say about these relatively unknown windows. Read More >>
Simonton vs. Ply-Gem vs. EPI
A member has received quotes for all three windows spanning between $4500 and $7000 to replace 7 windows and a slider. Which brand is going to be the best value for this customer? See what our experts think! Read More >>
Wincore Windows - a good recommendation?
A member is seeking feedback on the brand Wincore Windows. They seem to be a good value and a quality window, but maybe our experts have something more to say. Read More >>

Reveiw the Basics

Super Spacer SystemThe Swiggle Spacer System
Swiggle allowed the manufacturer to use one product to perform the job of several conventional I.G. components. The first flexible I.G. spacer to be marketed as Warm Edge, Swiggle Seal has been in use longer than any other Warm Edge spacer system.
Window World Windows
Rating 3
"I have used this company for replacement windows on several houses that have for rentals. They have stood behind there product and the installation have always been performed to the highest of standard." -Jim, OH

"Ahh, run away! We bought 10 windows. In the end the windows were drafty, lopsided, and some of the frames were cracked from being forced in!" -Michelle, AL

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Vinyl View Plus by Winstrom
Rating 3.8
"We bought this window early in its release (I believe). Manufacturer had issues with screen sizes/fit and air flow inhibitors in the weep hole channels missing. However, all problems were addressed and researched both by the seller and an on site representative from Winstrom. They worked to figure out the problems and make sure they were corrected on site. "

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