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Week of August 12, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Mathews Brothers Windows in Rhode Island
A member in Rhode Island was quoted $550 per window for a home installation of Mathews Brothers Windows. See if our experts believe this brand (albeit relatively unknown) is worth the cost of installation, or if there are any better recommendations for this member. Read More >>
HiMark 800 Installation or Marvin Integrity Full Tear Out?
A member is looking into replacement windows, and has received two separate quotes. For a simple installation of HiMark 800 windows, the cost is 37% less than a full tear out and installation of Marvin Integrity windows. How does our member find out if a full tear-out is necessary? See what our experts have to say. Read More >>
Okna 400 for $520 per window
A member has received a quote for Okna 400 windows, including large sliders and regular window installations. Is this a good quote? Are these high quality windows? See what our experts have to say! Read More >>

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Window MaterialsReplacement Window Tips
Be prepared when purchasing Replacement Windows. Read our tips on U-Value, Ratings, Reflective Glass and more! We've compiled a list of some tips for window shoppers, all from the experts.
Window World Windows
Rating 2.5
"I have used this company for replacement windows on several houses that have for rentals. They have stood behind there product and the installation have always been performed to the highest of standard." -Jim B, OH

"We bought the E rated and were pleasantly surprised at the sound reduction. A nice added bonus. We had one window out of 9 that lost it's seal. It was replaced without any hassle. Previous reviewers, some anyway, can't seem to tell the difference between installers and windows. ." -CB, AL

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Designer Series by Pella Windows
Rating 2
"14 windows installed. All leak down the back of window on wall. Water damage present. In winter brick under windows freezes frost on brick. Ha been in contact with pell a since winter 2010. " -Amanda, OH

"The windows are a little expensive and seem to be good quality. However in my book, Pella gets extremely low marks when it comes to accurately filling and shipping a order in a timely manner. In my case this has delay my construction project over a month and we are still waiting on windows.." -Marietta, GA, PA

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