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Week of September 02, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Brick Veneer with Two Windows
After a bathroom remodel, one of our members noticed a strange setup behind the shower -Two windows in one opening, surrounded by brick veneer. How can a replacement window be installed on this setup? Is there anything negative about it? See what our experts think. Read More >>
Retrofit Windows and Energy Efficiency
A member is looking to improve the energy efficiency in a 1960's ranch, and is curious if retrofit is a viable option? Or is a block installation the best way to ensure energy efficiency? See what our experts have to say. Read More >>
Comfort World 4000 vs. Pella 350
A member is looking to replace 8 windows in a home, and has been given two estimates. Pella windows with install will total around $5500 and Window World windows will cost about $6000. Which window do our experts think will be the best value? Read More >>

Review the Basics

Glass OptionsSelf Cleaning Glass
Window glass described as ?self-cleaning? has a special photo-catalytic coating - titanium dioxide - applied to the surface. The titanium dioxide coating makes the glass surface hydrophilic which means that water will sheet and flow off the glass.
1900 Series by General Aluminium
Rating 2
"Don't pay for the service fee for warranty work. Windows are ten years old and have been changed out at least once, if not twice." -CBAJOIE
"Labor and materials covered for 2nd replacement. 2 additional windows on lower level of house failed, materials covered but not labor. Now 2 windows on upper level of house have failed as well as 2 bedroom windows. " -Jason

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Sound Solutions V4002xx by Window Concepts
Rating 2
"Beautiful windows, great performance, and a great value! Our salesperson was very knowledgable and guided us through the entire process! The installers did a great job and I would recommend them to everyone!" -Anonymous

"I love the windows!!! The company gave us a great price and the installers did a wonderful job installing them. They cleaned up and left a great product for us to enjoy for years to come!!!" -Curtis, MN

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