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Week of September 09, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Windows for under $12000, which option is the best?
A member is replacing windows in a 30 year old home, and has received 3 quotes all for under $12000. Between Simonton 6100, Nationwide, American Jewel 1700 or United 4800 - which option do our experts think are the best value? Read More >>
Windows in CT: Marvin Integrity or Renewal By Anderson?
A member is taking on the task of replacing 21 windows in a Connecticut home. After narrowing down the options to two brands, this member can't decide which is the best choice. See exactly what our experts have to say. Read More >>
Good Fiberglass Window Options?
This member has given up on Vinyl windows and has started the hunt for fiberglass windows. Marvin Integrity All-Ultrex and Pella Impervia seem to be the best options, but do the experts have some better choices? See what they have to say! Read More >>

Review the Basics

Fiberglass WindowsFiberglass Windows
Fiberglass windows are gaining market share and becoming more accepted by the buying public. Initial concerns over strength, resistance to extreme temperatures, and frame construction have gradually been overcome.
Farley Windows by Farley
Rating 2
"i replaced all windows in my house with farley.i have a broken frame and windows leaking.also they brand theses windows farley under other names also kaykan and kaytec.." -Brian
"After a recent purchase and installation of replacement Farley Windows, I have seen that they allow water to leak into the house. If water leaks air may leak, too. . " -Window Watcher

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Sovereign by Revere Windows
Rating 2
"Seal inside windows have come loose because of the heat - replaced window panes not windows - not sound proof paid for replacement windows -not window panes - screens are cheap." -Anonymous

"The windows are of poor quality because the double sided glazing tape used to seal window system in frame slide out compromising steal, also at bottom of window seal the double seal leaks and allows window to leak water during high wind conditions, window balances keep breaking ." -koolbreezeya

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