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Week of September 16, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Metal Industries Windows for $390 per window?
A member was quoted the low price of $390 per window for Metal Industries Cutting Edge 1600 Series. Based on consumer reviews, these windows may not be the best choice for quality. What do our experts think about the quality of MI Windows? Read More >>
Replacing 10 Windows in a Townhouse
A member is looking to replace 10 windows in a townhouse, and has received quotes for all the big names. However, this member is looking for quality windows for under $6000 installed. Is there a recommendation that our board members have for this user? Read More >>
New windows in the middle of nowhere?
This member just moved from Texas to Wisconsin and is in serious need of quality windows. The problem? There are no reputable installers in the area. See what our experts recommend for this member's unfortunate predicament. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Wood WindowsReplacement Wood Windows
It may surprise you to know that a high quality wood replacement window can very well be more expensive than a vinyl one. Many people assume that windows made of wood will be cheaper than those made of other man made materials. The big question you want to ask yourself prior to shopping is if wood is a viable option for you due to maintenance concerns..
Encore by Seaway Manufacturing Co.
Rating 4.8
"I was real happy with the windows from Seaway. We got Encore. They are real easy to clean and I noticed a difference in the bills. very satisfied" -Dana
"I installed the Encore series windows from Seaway after researching many different brands and seeing the windows installed in several co-workers homes. They were all very happy with the windows." -Dave M, VT

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Restoration by SunRise Windows
Rating 5
"... we can feel a HUGE difference compared to our previous windows. No more drafts coming from the Windows." -Root-Man, PA

"No other window company could tell me the R rating and the air infiltration rate. My windows have an R rating of 21 and air infiltration of .1s." -Elizabeth, PA

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