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Week of September 23, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Alside Challenger 8000 alternatives
A member is looking to replace 15 windows in a Western PA home, and has been quoted for Alside Challenger 8000 windows. What other highly-rated window options are available for this member? Or is this the best option? See what our experts have to say. Read More >>
Shopping for Patio Windows and Doors
A member is being sent through the ringer on prices and options for a Patio installation. For both windows and doors, quotes range from $1800 to $2500 installed. Which brands are the best for patios? Which installer offers the best warranty? See what our experts think. Read More >>
New Window Materials: Vinyl, Fibrex, or Fiberglass?
This member's 50-year-old home is about ready for new windows. Should the new windows be Sunrises Vinyl, Anderson Fibrex, or fiberglass windows? See what our members think the best option for this member is. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Window 101Window Fundamentals
Single/Double Hung, Casement, Bow, Bay...there are so many different types of windows. Before you start browsing for Replacement Windows, take a look at our guide and see which windows are right for your home.
American Craftsman 9500 by American Craftsman
Rating 3.75
"Easy installation, high quality, quick shipping, very reasonable, it is sooooo good to know that every manufacturing plant and assembly is right here in the good ol' USofA!!!! Very pleased!!!!!!" -Patti, NY
"excellent window/easy to install" -Jim, NY

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Schuco Windows by Schuco
Rating 4.5
"I purchased Schuco replacment windows for my entire house in 2002. They are triple-glazed with krypton gas and are extremely energy-efficient." -Eric, MA

"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! styling. Only downer is local distributor now doesn't carry and manufacturer in CT doesn't respond to emails for more windows. Anything else amd I do mean ANYTHING ELSE is crap. You might have to settle for it, but if it's not Schuco, it's crap." -Lynn, MN

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