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Week of October 21, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Replacing Windows in Chicago
The original owner of a 20 Year-Old home is looking to install replacement windows to replace the original Crestline windows. For 16 double-hung windows, this member has received quotes between $7,900 (for Aeirs 800) and $15,000 (for Champion Windows). Which brand is going to be the best value for this Chicago home. See what our experts think. Read More
Air Infiltration: Double-Hung vs. Slider Windows
This member is researching two types of windows: Double-Hung and Horizontal Sliders. Which type of window is going to offer the best Air Infiltration numbers, and why? See exactly what our members think. Read More >>
Vinyl in Hot Climates: A good idea?
This member is replacing windows in a Texas home, and is considering Vinyl. Is Vinyl a good choice in an always hot climate? What do our experts think? Read More >>

Review the Basics

Sound ProofingSoundproofing: Three Things To Consider
When installing new windows to help soundproof your home, there are plenty of options. Though there are certain ratings and materials that will help you decide which windows are going to be the best for blocking those loud city noises. Check out this page for the three most important factors.
Ply Gem Windows
Rating 3
"A month ago, I had all my house windows replaced with Plygem Professional Series windows. Triple-Pane Low e. They look nice. It is alot quieter inside the house now." -Mark D, WA

"The Plygem Replacement Windows fit like a glove. They are a 100% improvement from our old cold aluminum windows. They're beautiful." -Ken, WA

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Windsor Windows
Rating 2.5
"Windows have several issues: weather stripping falls off, sliding windows don't stay up unless you concentrate on getting the "catch" mechanism in the right place, the screens are cheap and rip at the frame. " -Doreen, MI

"We love our new windows! They are beautiful to look at besides how much warmer the rooms feel. They operate easily, have the fold down handles so they don't interfere with my blinds and all in all upgraded the look at value of my home." -Anonymous, OH

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