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Week of November 04, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Fiberglass and Vinyl Installation - Same Seals?
When getting Vinyl or Fiberglass installed, will the weatherized seals be any different? Will this member notice any performance differences? See what our experts have to say! Read More
Maintenance Free Windows
After only 8 years, this member has had rotting issues with Rockland Windows. With the next install, which types of windows are going to require the least amount of maintenance- Fiberglass or Vinyl? See what our experts have to say. Read More >>
Andersen Silverline 8500
Promising a high-end product, the Andersen Silverline 8500 series is set at a premium price point. Should this member make the plunge, or look for a cheaper alternative? Are the windows really a premium product? See exactly what our experts have to say. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Foam Filled Vinyl FramesIGU in Replacement Windows
How much pressure can they hold? What is the standard IGU Rating? What should you look for when buying new windows? Learn a little bit more about Argon Gas, and pressure.
Vinyl Clad by Wellington Windows
Rating 2.5
"We put Wellington Windows in our home in 2008. Since then one has cracked, several had to be adjusted because they would not stay up or lock, one was foggy and now another has to be replaced because of the fog. " -Marcie, WI

"On the phone they are friendly. And the windows look good. But I agree with the other review, if something goes wrong, you have big problems with Wellington Windows" -MN Guy

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Thermastar by Pella Windows
Rating 2.5
"I have installed several of these windows since 2005 as I go around rennovating my house. It is a simple matter to pop out the old wooden windows and install these new windows. I think they are very well made and the ones I put in 2005 are just as nice as the 2 I put in last month " -Darvon

"The window is a slider-type. I do notice the trickle of air through the weep holes that someone else mentioned. It doesn't really bother me, though. The lock sometimes catches and you have to fiddle with it a minute to get it to lock. ." -Red Headed Step Child

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