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Week of November 11, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

New Construction Window Issues
A member had windows installed in a new construction home and is having problems latching the windows shut. Is this issue a bad installation, or is a problem with the quality of the newly-installed windows? See what our expert installers think. Read More >>
Milgard Essence vs. Marvin Windows
This member is replacing seventeen Craftsman 1908 windows in their home - and wants to maintain a similar "look". The first top choices are Milgard Essence and Marvin Sash-Packs. What do our experts think? Are sash-packs a quality option? Many users complain of the difficulty of opening and closing them. See exactly what our experts have to say. Read More >>
High Solar Heat Gain Windows
This member is on the hunt for windows with high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) that would be suitable for use in a solarium. What manufacturers (if any) are making these windows? See what our experts have to say. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Window TypesWindow Types
Having a hard time deciding which types of windows to install in your home? Aluminum? Wood? Fiberglass? Read our guide on the benefits of each type of Replacement Window to see what's the best fit for your home!
5300 Series by Gorell Windows
Rating 3.5
"I have recentely had the 5300 windows installed.They exactely what I was looking for in a window. They are beautiful and I have recieved many postive comments from friends and Nebgors. " -Earl, KS

"Spent a lot of money replacing our windows with Gorell Armour Glass Plus back in 2007. Three windows have sinced failed and mold is growing between the panes." -Angel

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Imperial LS by Soft-Lite
Rating 4
"Have had countless problems including ice/condensation, air leaks, vapor between panes (on both double hung and crank outs), poor fit of slide by units. Many units replaced by Soft lite, some problems persist. " -Cheryl, IL

"Great windows and really makes a difference in the winter (no frost on the inside of the glass). We replaced 8 windows and were so impressed with them" -Steve, WI

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