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Week of November 25, 2013

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Twelve-Foot Sliding Door Replacement
This homeowner is looking to replace a very rotted custom wooden sliding glass door. With only one recommendation thus far, this member needs some help. See the specifications and which brands our experts think will fit this complicated request! Read More >>
Anderson 400 vs Ply-Gem Windows
One of our discussion board members is renovating an early 1900's home in Houston and had originally planned on replacing the windows with Anderson 400 double-hung windows, but the contractor has suggested checking out Ply-Gem windows. Is this a good choice? See what our window experts have to say. Read More >>
Can't find a premium window...
With almost 10 quotes in hand, this member hasn't been able to find a suitable quality window. Eagle, Ultramaxx, and Sheffield are amongst the brands that have been quoted. How can this member reach out to find some better alternatives? See what our experts have to say about finding the right contractors with the right windows. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Dessicant FallingDesiccant Falling and IGU Ratings
Noticing extra moisture in-between the panes of your windows? This could be due to desiccant falling. Can this be prevented? Why does it happen? Which windows does it happen to the least? Check out this informative post before you buy your new windows!
Vytex Windows
Rating 3
"We have been very pleased overall and have saved a ton in utilities over our single paine windows. The cranks have given us some trouble (sticking) but they came and replaced a few without charge. Still not the smoothest but they work fine. " -Dave, MD

"Windows seem good-so much better than my 24 year old single panes with storms that I was happy with anything newer. I do notice quite a bit of condensation on the inside bottom of the windows in winter. " -Dani20, VA

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Schuco Windows
Rating 4.25
"The latches holding the windows in their tracks are cheap plastic, however, and several have broken despite respectful use. " -Eric, MA

"Soundproof. Heating bill for 2 story ~1800 SF $70-80/mo in MN winters. Gorgeous!!! styling. Only downer is local distributor now doesn't carry and manufacturer in CT doesn't respond to emails for more windows. ." -Lynn, MN

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