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Week of January 06, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Upgrading to Soft-Lite Windows to Triple Pane
This homeowner was quoted just about $3,000 for 7 installed replacement windows. Is this quote a good price for Soft-Lite Windows? And for an extra $400 (about $60 per window), are triple pane windows worth the upgrade? Check out what our experts have to say!
Champion Windows, Liberty Windows, or Aeris 800?
For replacing 16 windows in total, this homeowner has been quoted from $7,900 to $15,000. Are the cheaper Aeris 800 windows a good choice or should this homeowner look at the higher priced Champion windows? See what our experts have to say!
How To: Removing Steel Casement inside Brick Mold
In a home over 100 years old, it seems that some window casements are set deep into the brick mold. Is this a project a Do-It-Yourselfer could tackle, or something to leave to the experts? See what the experts think this homeowner should do. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Hurricane WindowsKeeping Your House Warm in the Winter: Coated Glass
When seraching for new windows for your home, sometimes there is more to consider than just looks and quality. Paying attention to "Low-E" and the types of Glass Coats can keep your house warmer in the winter, and keep the sun out in the summer. Take a look at our guest post on Coated Glass to learn more!
Castle Windows
Rating 3
"Castle makes a great window with an UNLIMITED warranty. Very satisfied with their product and install." -Michael, MD

"Windows are extrememly poor quality. Glass in a large bay window was damaged. Screen was the wrong size in another window. Three of 5 windows needed repair within months of installation. Security feature that prevents the window from being opened beyond a certain point allows outside air into the house.." -Anonymous

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5100 Series by Gorell
Rating 4
"I was impressed with 1) The quality of their vinyl. Brighter/Whiter than other brands I reviewed. 2)Their balance system. The "constant force" balance creates more leverage on the double-hung sash, and better ease of use." - Bill, MA

" My windows have been awesome! My utility bills have been reduced by over a 1/3 and I can not hear traffic noise when they are closed. " -Barb, LA

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