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Week of January 13, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

New Windows in Dayton, OH
After 18 years of being unhappy with vinyl windows, this homeowner is considering an upgrade. After the polar vortex last week, protection from condensation and the cold is a high priority. What brands can this shopper look at while staying on a tight budget? See what our experts think.
To Replace or not to replace?
This homeowner is living in an 14 year-old home with the original windows. While the windows remain in good shape, they've started leaning near the corners, causing some unwanted draft. Is removing and resetting them worth the effort, or would it be more beneficial to install new ones?
How and Why: Condensation on Soft-Lite Imperial LS
New windows should keep frost OUT of the home, not in! At least that's what this homeowner thought. Read a professionals explanation on exactly why this homeowner is experience frost-bitten windows! Read More >>

Review the Basics

Pressure RatingsLearn about Pressure Ratings - Keeping your windows safe form high wind speeds
...Imagine that we now look at a window rated to DP15. Sounds darn low and no one in their right mind would want a DP15? Well, 15psf actually equates to about an 80mph wind. Now, as mentioned, the window is actually tested to a level 1.5 times higher than the rating, which for a DP15 equals 22.5psf, and that equals an approximate 95mph wind speed. So while a 15DP doesn't look like much, it really isn't bad at all and it is probably acceptable for any application in the right environment.
Shefield by Alside Windows
Rating 2
"The windows remain tight and draft free during really cold DC winters & snows, as well as in the brutal heat of summer. They open and close for cleaning with ease and can't say anything negative about them with my experience." -Krosby, MD

"I'm just stuck. Terribly drafty. Poor quality. Two sashes have been replaced due to weatherstripping not installed right." -Greg

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Renewal by Andersen Windows
Rating 4
"went from drafty and noisy to very quiet and secure. they look great and are so easy to operate/maintain. the quality is top notch " - Aaron, NY

"They are difficult to operate and the screens retain rainwater so there is virtually no visibility when wet. " -Judith, MA

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