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Week of January 27, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Working with Pushy Salesmen
Replacing windows is stressful enough, but add a pushy salesman in the mix, and it's a recipe for disaster. Is a low price worth the effort and stress of a pushy salesman? See what our experts think about this homeowners experience with a window salesman. Read More >>
What makes "Premium Vinyl" Premium?
Have you ever seen a window advertised as "Premium Vinyl"? What makes vinyl premium? Take a look at what our experts think separates regular vinyl from the premium kind! Read More >>
Gaps causing a draft? Who is responsible?
After a new window installation, this homeowner has noticed a cold draft in a bedroom. After further investigation, it's obvious that there are gaps between the windows! Is the installer responsible for this? Should this warrant a replacement? See what our Window Professionals think!

Review the Basics

Window ChoicesScratches: What to worry about, and what not to.
"There are systems that will totally remove scratches from glass. Unfortunately, virtually all of these systems use cerium oxide or some other abrasive to remove the scratch. A good operator can do a very nice job of scratch removal, but when using an abrasive system this operator will leave an area of distrotion in the glass in the vicinity of the is unavoidable. "
Windows by Ply-Gem Windows
Rating 3
"They look nice. It is alot quieter inside the house now. They seal good, but haven't had any real wind yet to check the seal. The real test will be this January." -Mark, WA

"The Plygem Replacement Windows fit like a glove. They are a 100% improvement from our old cold aluminum windows. They're beautiful." -Ken, WA

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Encompass by Pella Windows
Rating 5
"Terrific windows - have documented significantly lower energy bills even in recent record Texas heat wave " -Dhaas8, TX

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