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Week of February 17, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Fixing a Bowed Sash - is it possible?
Frustrated by the bowed state of this window, a homeowner is seeking help. The sash of this window has bowed leaving gaps at the top and the bottom. Even after re-glazing, the sash has become bowed again. What other options does this homeowner have? Or is a replacement window the only option? See what our experts think. Read More >>
Finding Value in Ohio
This homeowner is replacing 12 windows and one sliding door and wants to spend money wisely. With so many choices out there, how does one determine the best value for replacement windows? Which material is the most cost effective? Which brand is the most reliable? With so many choices, this shopper is seeking advice from our experts. See what they have to say!
Which window is Alside's best?
After hearing great things about Alside, this homeowner is looking to find out which window is their best. While Alside does make quality windows, are they really the best option for this homeowner? See what our experts have to say about the quality of the Alside brand. Read More >>

Review the Basics

SHGCAcoustis: A tree falls in the woods...
How do windows affect sound and acousitcs? See what our resident expert Oberon has to say about the topic. While he may not be an audiophile, years of research has taught him that the two have a lot in common with each other...
VISTA Windows by Vista Window Company
Rating 3
" The double-hung seems fine, but the sliders fit loosely in their frames and air blows through where the sections meet and at the bottom. They are far less energy-efficient than the old windows they replaced, which were not drafty." -Lisa, MO

"Their triple payne r-7 panorama double hung is a fantastic product for the price" -Quin, MN

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5500 Series by Simonton Windows
Rating 4
"We had simonton 5500 windows installed in our whole house by a great contractor. After three years one top sash lost its integrity and fogged out. I notified simonton and they replaced the sash free of charge within three weeks. We would highley recomend their product to all " -John, NY

"Our Simonton windows look great and perform wonderfully. We have noticed a huge difference in the comfort level of our home. The windows are everything we were told they would be." -Tulsa Customer, OK

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