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Week of February 24, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Meeting 2015 Energy Ratings Today?
This homeowner is on the cusp of buying and installing new windows but wants to make sure that they are future proof. With the looming changes to U-values in Energy Rating for 2015, will the windows that this shopper is investigating meet the new standards? See what our experts have to chime in! Read More >>
Breaking in a Sliding Door
This homeowner installed a brand new, beautiful 8' Sliding Door. However, the door is difficult to operate and seems heavy and clunky. After some investigation, the installer has promised there is a "break-in" period for this door. Is this normal? Should this homeowner be concerned? See what our experts say about this brand new door!
Condo Window Replacement in Southeastern Virginia
This condo-owner is having consistent problems with 14 year old windows in Southeastern Virginia. Having to constantly replace hardware due to corrosion is difficult and annoying. Should this owner just replace the windows all together, or is there a way to fix this issue? See what our experts think about fixing these older windows! Read More >>

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Tips Tim's Window Tips
Searching for new windows? The window buying process can be confusing and intimidating. Our "Tim's Window Tips" will provide you with keywords and information that can be essential to your window-buying process!
1900 Series by General Aluminum Windows
Rating 2
"I have a ten year old house in North Texas with GA 1900 series aluminum frame windows installed by the builder and at least 50% have broken their seals. When the outside temperature was 10 F this past winter, we hung a blanket over the window and the room temperature went up 10 F in 20 minutes." -Millersville

"1st failure within 1 year, manufacture wouldn't cover due to Hurricane Katrina. Paid for replacement window, labor and materials and that window failed 1 year later. Labor and materials covered for 2nd replacement. 2 additional windows on lower level of house failed" -Jason, LA

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9500 Series by American Craftsman
Rating 4
"Easy installation, high quality, quick shipping, very reasonable, it is sooooo good to know that every manufacturing plant and assembly is right here in the good ol' USofA!!!! Very pleased!!!!!! " -Patti, NY

"excellent window/easy to install." -Jim, NY

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