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Week of March 3, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Anlin - A Trusted Window Company?
A So-Cal homeowner is seeking advice on Anlin Windows, a relatively unknown Replacement Window brand. How does the average homeowner determine if they are a trusted brand and do they make a high quality window? Check out what our experts have to say! Read More >>
Design Pressure (DP) Ratings - Simplified
This homeowner is fighting between Okna, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Paradigm, and Simonton windows. While researching, it has been difficult to "decode" exactly what the DP ratings for each window mean. See if our experts can help this confused homeowner!
Wood Look with Modern Performance
The tradional look of wood windows is often something that can add to the curb appeal of a home, but the performance is often not up to par with modern windows. This homeowner is seeking the best of both worlds - is there such a window out there? Read More >>

Review the Basics

Tips The Top Manufacturers
There are almost too many window manufacturers to choose from out there, so how do you know which one to choose? Take a look at our Top 100 Manufacturers list to see what the experts and our users think are the best brands! More questions? Check out our reviews area and our discussion board to see what real homeowners have to say!
Windsor Windows by Windsor Windows
Rating 2.5
"Otherwise, they seem to be good for heat & cooling maintenance. And, the company seems to have a good warranty and is willing to send a repairman. Just wish I didn't have to constantly call them." -Doreen, MI

"We live in Minnesota and have had ice build up on the inside of the windows. It is not too humid in our home. The ice causes mold on the bottom track of the window. " -Kelli, MN

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Anlin by Anlin Windows
Rating 4.5
"Love them! Had all windows & 2 sliders replaced last year and very happy with results. No leaks, no cracks, sound deadening as promised, installation went smoothly. " -Pat, CA

"We love the new windows, both look and operation qualities" -David, CA

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