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Week of March 17, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Sierra Pacific Windows
This homeowner is considering Sierra Pacific windows in a home because of the name and brand exposure - but are they quality windows? Our experts give some advice about this brand, their quality, and their warranty. Read More >>
Expert Opinions from the Window Pros
This discussion board post is pure gold for window shoppers! Our experts take some time to discuss their favorite and least favorite windows, and why. Take a look and see exactly what our experts think make or break a great window!
Visible Transmittance too low?
This New Jersey homeowner is about to install new windows with a .39 Visible Transmittance (VT) rating. Is this too low for the climate or should this homeowner be OK? Will the windows be too dark? See if our experts think some changes should be made before installation. Read More >>

Review the Basics

Low-ELow-E Glass Systems
"Low-E Glass has a thin layer of oxidized metal on one side of it. This makes a glass that is a useful insulator. Heat and light are allowed into a room or building, but the thin sheen on the inner side will not allow it back out. The glass is still transparent both ways." Read all about how Low-E glass can affect your home!
Window World Windows
Rating 3
"We bought the E rated and were pleasantly surprised at the sound reduction. A nice added bonus. We had one window out of 9 that lost it's seal. It was replaced without any hassle" -CB, AL

"Ahh, run away! We bought 10 windows. In the end the windows were drafty, lopsided, and some of the frames were cracked from being forced in!" -Michelle, AL

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5300 Series by Gorell Windows
Rating 3.5
"Spent a lot of money replacing our windows with Gorell Armour Glass Plus back in 2007. Three windows have sinced failed and mold is growing between the panes. " -Angel Rhoades

"I have recently had the 5300 windows installed. They're exactely what I was looking for in a window. They are beautiful and I have recieved many postive comments from friends and Nebgors. " -Earl, KS

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