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Week of March 31, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Wood Interior and Aluminum Exterior
This homeowner is looking to replace 13 windows, mostly double-hung, some picture windows and some casement. Wood windows are the first choice, because of their looks, but is maintenance a worry? Are Marvin Ultimate the best option for a wood interior and aluminum exterior? Or are other considerations like Sunrise the better option?
Why Is Acrylic not an option?
Boat windows, storm windows and block windows are often made of acrylic - an affordable and durable material. So why not replacement-windows for homes? What's keeping the industry from using this much more affordable material to make windows? See what our experts have to say on this subject matter! Read More >>
STC Ratings - How are they calculated?
This homeowner is worried about finding windows that can deaden sound. How can you calculate the STC ratings on your own, without relying on a number given by a sales person? What does a STC rating mean in terms of sound deadening? See what our experts have to say! Read More >>

Review the Basics

MaterialsWindow Materials
Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass and Fibrex - there are so many types of Replacement Windows, how do you know which is the best? Take a look at our materials guide and see which material fits best for your home and climate!
Casement Windows by Lincoln Windows
Rating 1.75
"We purchased an 8 year old million dollar home with over 120 Lincoln windows. Most of them have rotted, and we have spent thousands of dollars replacing them. Do not buy Lincoln!!!" -Terryfic, IL

"Stay away from Lincoln. Ours are 10 years old. Over 50% of our windows have broken seals, with condensation between the panes. They don't lock properly, and there's ice on the inside of the window" -LB, MN

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Series 1700 by American Jewel
Rating 4
"Absolutely an excellent choice. 4 years now with the triple glazed windows and the performance is outstanding with NO issues at all. Would recommend to anyone, especially my friends. " SM, DE

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