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Week of April 14, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Glass Types: Cardinal 366 vs. Sungate 500
These homeowners are looking to replace all window glass in a Colorado home. The purpose of this upgrade is to keep the sun's warmth in during the winters, and keep the home cool during the summers. Which window glass package has the right amount of Low-E Coating, Solar Gain, and U-Rating to accomplish this? See what our experts think! Read More >>
New Windows in Indianapolis
This new-to-Indianapolis homeowner is trying to replace 15 windows and 1 sliding door in a 2002 home. How do seasons come into play with the new windows? What kind of "Values" should this homeowner be paying attention to? Which brands are recommended? See what our experts think about this confused homeowner's situation!
Window brand recommendations?
While originally enticed by Soft-Lite Gorell, this window shopper was put-off by the $20,000 price tag. What brands do our experts recommend that can stay closer to a smaller budget, but still maintain quality? Is Ply-Gem a good choice? What about Jeld-Wen? See what our experts have to say! Read More >>

Review the Basics

fundamentalsLearn about Ratings
How can your windows take the most advantage of sunlight? What does it take to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer? What do IGU and U-value Ratings have to do with the windows you purchase? Check out our Ratings Guide here and prepare yourself before you shop!
Elements by Soft-Lite
Rating 4
" Overall I really like the engineering design of the windows. They seem to really seal well and have some nice design elements that I appreciate (mechanical engineer). " -Soft-Lite Customer

"The new window is beautiful. I like that it slides open from both sides. The screen also slides so one screen may be used for both windows. The window is in my east facing kitchen. The low e coating keeps the kitchen very cool in the summer morning" -Cher, IL

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3000-4000 Series by Window World
Rating 4
"While well constructed the seams could have been a lot smoother and look finished more than they did. " -John E Dixon, LA

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