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Week of April 21, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Restoration Windows Quote - Is It Competitive?
This homeowner is looking to replace fifteen double-hung windows and 1 door wall in a Michigan home. Is $12,712 too pricey? Or is $11,385 for Innovations windows a better deal? See what advice our experts have to offer. Read More >>
Western Pennsylvania Window Confusion
This western Pennsylvania homeowner is having a difficult time deciding which windows are going to fit best! While Sunrise Restoration looks like a great option; Anderson Woodright, Quantum2 and Okna also seem to fit the bill.
Seeing Double in Dual Pane Windows?
This homeowner is hesitant to replace single-pane windows with dual-pane windows, because it's rumored that a "double vision" effect is created. Is this true, or can this member safely replace the windows and still enjoy the city-light view? See what our experts have to say. Read More >>

Review the Basics

windowchoicesWindow Choices: Is It Time To Replace?
I would suggest that people need to ask themselves why they want to replace their windows. Is it aesthetic? Is it energy performance? Is it maintenance? Is it saving money? All good reasons and newer windows will affect all these questions - and possibly more.
Encore by Seaway Manufacturing Co
Rating 5
" I was real happy with the windows from Seaway. We got Encore. They are real easy to clean and I noticed a difference in the bills. very satisfied " - Dana

"I installed the Encore series windows from Seaway after researching many different brands and seeing the windows installed in several co-workers homes. They were all very happy with the windows." -Dave

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Double Hung Windows by Andersen Windows
Rating 2
"Windows look lovely, But 2 weeks later, bar on the screen popped out while moving it up/down to stain the inside of the window frame. " -Gloria, MA

"i bought 14 400 series.not 1 window opens or closes the same,from 1 finger to 2 hands,breezes,temp.changes from top to bottom,craked caulking,tissue test failed in a good wind " -Ed Dolan, MA

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