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Week of April 28, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Alside Windows - What's the Deal?
This to-be homeowner is building a new house, originally with Silverline windows. However after research, it seems like Alside may be the better choice, but the local reputation says otherwise. Do our experts think the Alside 0300 series is a good option, or is there a better quality new construction window out there. Read More >>
Are Ribbed Spacers Bad Spacers?
This homeowner has noticed "Wavy" spacers in 9 1/2 year old windows, and doesn't think they should be that way. As our experts look at this homeowners spacers, do they think they may have gone bad? Take a look at this post for pictures and examples of normal versus bad spacers.
Okna 500, 800, or...?
After a harsh winter, this homeowner is looking to upgrade his windows in a New York home. While Okna is the primary choice of brand, there seem to be so many options to choose from -Triple pane, ESP, Krypton it all necessary? See what our experts suggest to keep this homeowner warm in the winters. Read More >>

Review the Basics

windowchoicesThe Intercept Spacer System
What do reduced interior condensation, heat loss, improved Glass Unit Life and warmer glass temperatures all have in common? They're all features of the intercept spacer system! Check out our comprehensive guide on the system and see if it can help you out!
Casement by Jeld-Wen
Rating 2.5
" I had an all new Jeld-Wen casement window installed in my bathroom 3 years ago. It has performed flawlessly and been a terrific improvement over the old double hung. I " - Dirk

"I purchased my house when it was 12 years old. All but a couple of the JenWeld windows has failed.." -Bob, IL

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Hurd Windows, Minnesota
Rating 3
"Windows were supplied with a Wilderness Log Home built in 1998. Initially they seemed to be good quality but after 10 years, manyh of the windows have blown seals and have dirt/dust/film between the 2 panes of glass. " -SMD In Colorado

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