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Week of May 26, 2014

The Editor's Top Discussion Board Picks

Large Windows - HELP!
With a 10 ft x 6.5 ft space to fill, this homeowner is worried that vinyl windows will not be strong enough to keep their shape in extreme heat but also does not want windows with wooden interiors. Which brands offer strong enough vinyl windows for a low enough price? Check out what our experts have to say! Read More >>
Patio Door Woes
A 15-Month old patio door is having consistent issues bumping into the adjacent stationary door. Was this a bad install or is this something the homeowner can fix? See if our experts have an evaluation or some advice on how to fix this issue! Read More >>
Installers cutting corners?
This homeowner is having brand new Alside Mezzo windows installed, but has noticed certain things not working correctly. Stops are not functioning, panes slide bade and forth. Some windows have full screens, some have half, and it seems like a good amount of glass space has been lost. Does it look like these installers are cutting corners (without costs)? Take a look at ATTACHED pictures and see if our experts can offer up any advice! Read More >>

Review the Basics

windowchoicesTim's Window Tips
Which kind of glass is most effective against radiant heat? Are window shutters purely for looks? What is Low-E Coating? Check out our "Tim's Tips" to learn some basic - yet essential window facts!
Reflections by Simonton
Rating 3.5
"What a difference they have made from the old single pain windows. They insulate very well (I took a temperature difference of the old window compared to the new one " - William K, TX

"My thought is they are new windows flawed in design and should not need a repair kit. Beware if your house is subject to outside air movement." -OhioCust, OH

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Crystal 500 Series
Rating 4
"I've had these windows in my house for almost two months, so far they have been great. I've ordered these windows with energy efficient package the installer recommended and was told I am qualified for a tax credit. Also I am getting lifetime warranty on these windows. Overall I feel I got a great deal." -Bob H, NY

"The window is a basic window without energy efficient qualities. I have had the windows for three months and have not had difficulties. " -CJ, VA

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